b'SECTION REPORTSSection I ICANADAThe Canadian Section uses technology to advance its operations while continuing ongoing charitable endeavors.Presidents Greetingthe Canadian Section. The plaquesGordon Thompson, who are active Heinz Scherle and keys were sent to the new Fel- onseveralinternationalcommit-lows. Registrar Gordon Thompsontees.Wearewellrepresentedat didanexcellentjobincoordinat- that level. ICD Fellows are leaders ingandstagingthisevent,anditin their communities and dentistry. was well received. We are lookingThroughoutthepandemic,they forward to having these Fellows at- havecontinuedtoleadandcon-tend an in person convocation to betribute at all levels exemplifying the recognized in the future when it be- ideals and mission of the ICD.comes possible. Meeting in person is an important part of belonging toCharity and Scholarshipsthe ICD. We are presently receiving nominationsforournextclassofThe Canadian Sections charitable Fellows. We do not have a definitefoundation, the William J. Spence GfromtheCana- date for the convocation but hope toICDMemorialFoundation,contin-reetingsbe able to hold it in person. ueditsworkthroughouttheyear dianSection.TheCOV- despite the pandemic. In the past,ID-19 pandemic continuedGetting Things Done Virtually it has supported many humanitar-throughout2021,causingmanyianmissionsinternationallyand changes and disruptions in our per- The business of the Canadian Sec- within Canada. With the pandemic sonalandprofessionallives.Thetionwascarriedonviaelectroniccausing travel disruptions, the last Canadian Section had to continuemeetings. We held several execu- coupleofyearshavefocusedon to adapt to the new ways of con- tive committee and board of regentssupporting Canadian projects. Re-ductingtheaffairsoftheCollegemeetings to conduct the affairs ofcently, two projects within Canada withthemanychangesandchal- our Section. We decided to followweresupportedwithgrantsof lenges that the pandemic present- theInternationalCouncil,anda$16,600 to provide dental services ed over the last two years. transitionofofficerswasmadeatto disadvantaged people in London, Wehadplannedforourconvo- the January 2022 Board of RegentsOntario, and Winnipeg, Manitoba.cationandcentennialcelebrationMeeting.Wealsoelectedseveral in2020inWinnipeg,inconjunc- newregentsanddeputyregentsThe Canadian Section continued tion with the Canadian Dental As- in different areas of the country. Ithescholarshipprogram,which sociationConvention.Thiseventwould like to thank all our officers,has been ongoing for many years. was cancelled and rescheduled forregents, deputy regents and com- Thereare10dentalschoolsin 2021, and sadly this was cancelledmitteechairsfortheirdedicationCanada,andeachyeartheICD as well. The Canadian Section de- andeffortstoensurethecontinu- grants a scholarship of $2,000 to a cided to proceed with a virtual induc- ity and operation of the Canadianthird-year student in each school to tion ceremony held Apr. 10, 2021.Section.ThankyoutoourInter- recognize their attributes and con-Wewelcomed40newFellowstonational Councilors Ian Doyle andtributions.8 J OURNAL OF THEI NTERNATIONALC OLLEGE OFD ENTISTS'