b'SECTION REPORTSSection VIINDIA, SRI LANKA, NEPAL TREE PLANTATIONICDorganizedaboardofre-was implementedgents meeting at Jabalpur on May by Fellows and8. Kanha Tiger Reserve safari was students atpartofthetrip,andmostofthe Kothiwal Dentalboard members attended.College and Research CentreACDEprogramwasorganized on Apr. 22, 2022,on May 9 with over 100 registrants.in honor of WorldMaster Fellow Anil Kohli spoke on Earth Day. crackedtoothsyndrome,Master ness program and interactive ses- World Earth Day Fellow Mahesh Verma spoke on ar-sion to increase the knowledge oftificial intelligence and its impact on expectantmothersregardingtheirSection VI celebrated World Earththedoctorpatientrelationship,Dr. oral health, as well as their infants. Day on Apr. 22 at Kothiwal DentalRajesh Dhirawani on management CollegeandResearchCentre,inofmedicalemergenciesindentalSimilar programs were conduct- Moradabad, India. During the cele- clinics,Dr.SarvrajKohlionortho-edattheGovt.MedicalCollegeberation, a tree plantation drive wasdonticsincomplexmalocclusions andHospital,Chandigarh,andincarried out by Fellows and studentsandNiharikaJainGuptaonultra-PGIMER,Chandigar,whereinex- whopromisedtolookafterthemsonics in endodontics.pectantmotherswereeducatedduring their courses of training. aboutmaintaininggoodoralhy-giene.FellowsGupta,GurvanitClothbagsweredistributedto2022 OfficersLehl,CharanKamal,VarunBajaj,discourage plastic, and an oath was President: Swatantra AgarwalArpitGupta,DavinderKumarandtakenbytheparticipantstoplantPresident Elect: Rajeev LallIDAChandigarhmembersweremore trees and say no to plastics.Past President: R. P. Guptapresent.Fellows present were Dr. Agarwal,Vice President: Meera VermaAn online talk was organized onDr. Seema Chowdhry, Dr. SamarthRegistrar: Yogesh Kumar VirmaniMar. 6 about breast cancer screen- Agarwal and Dr. Romil Singhal. Secretary General Emeritus: J. C. ing, given by Prof. Tulika Kanaujia. Service and Education ChandnaTreasurer: K. K. ChopraWorld Oral Health Day An oral health awareness camp wasChief Editor: S. M. BalajiSectionVIandIDAChandigarhconductedon Apr.20atHeritageDeputy Secretary: Rajesh Chandna StateBranchcelebratedWorldPublicSchool,inMohali,Punjab.Assistant Secretary: Arpit Gupta Oral Health Day at Govt. MedicalOral health education and a dem- Business Manager: R. K. BaliCollege and Hospital, Chandigarh.onstrationofproperbrushingwasScientific Editor: Vijay P. MathurAn oral health awareness talk wasimparted to 170 school children.given on preventive care. SectionSectionVIandIDAChandigarhContact InformationVI and IDA Chandigarh also cele- organized a CDE program about full brated in collaboration with Nation- mouth rehabilitation, given by Prof.ICD Section VI al Oral Health Programme by orga- VeenaJainandFellowGunjanRegistrar Dr. Yogesh VirmaninizingpublicawarenesslecturesPruthi in Chandigarh on April 23. 260 / C8 / Sector 8, Rohini athealthandwellnesscenters.Delhi, India 110085Fellows Gupta, Lehl and Bajaj, andICD and Kothiwal Dental CollegeTel: 9810019636membersoftheIDAChandigarhconducted Be Sure of your Cure State Branch, were present. by Dr. Sikka on Apr. 26, 2022. icdsectionvi@gmail.comTHE GLOBE2022No. 2SECTION REPORTS 17'