b',SECTION REPORTSSection VEUROPEDespite differing conditions across the countries of Europe, Section V persisted through innovative approaches to Fellow inductions.Presidents GreetingICD Congress in Portugal the Sections Philip Dear Fund.Walter J. van Driel From my own experience of givingAnemotionalhighpointofthe courses and lectures, I now knowmeeting was Regent Serhiy Ra-thatorganizinganeventthatisdlinsky,ofUkraine,presenting postponed is infinitely more difficulthis inductees for Fellowship and than executing a meeting accordingthanking the ICD for all the sup-totheoriginalschedule.Dr. Alco- porthehadreceivedafterthe forado showed extraordinary lead- invasion of his country. His mes-ershipduringthelong,uncertainsage of gratitude struck a chord times of the pandemic. Through hiswith the audience.motivation and inspiration, he cre- OnJune11,2022,approach-ated a positive approach, inspiring the regents to continue to grow theiring the conclusion of a most suc-Atwopostponements,districts with online meetings and,cessfulmeeting,Iwashonored fterwhere possible, locally arranged in- toacceptthepresidencyofthe theEuropeanSectionwasductions of new Fellows.This teamSection for the 2022-2023 term. eventuallyabletoholditseffort, led by Dr. Alcoforado, left theMy first act as President was to 65th Annual Meeting in Oporto, Por- Sectionmoredynamicthanever,thankmyloyalandgoodfriend tugal, on June 8-12, 2022. FellowswiththeprospectofcontinuingGil Alcoforado for his enormous celebrated meeting together for thegrowth and enhanced Fellowship. andlong-lastingcommitmentto first time since the 64th meeting ofthe Section and College, follow-the Section in Thessaloniki in 2019,The atmosphere at the congressing in the footsteps of his father.underthepresidencyofArgiriosin Oporto was a remarkable reunion Pissiotis.of the Fellows, many with long-es- Still being moved by the stand-In Thessaloniki, the presidency oftablished friendships, who form theing ovation for Dr. Radlinsky from the Section was passed to Gil Alco- backbone of the European Section,Ukraine, I could not help but be forado. What a presidency it turnedtogetherwithopportunitytowel- inspiredtoenvisageamore out to be! Dr. Alcoforado did not an- come three intakes of new Fellows.peacefulandprosperousworld. ticipate being President of the Sec- BoththescientificandassociatedThewaywehadcollectedand tionforthreeyears,giventhere- activities in Oporto were well sup- interacted together in a beautiful strictions on travel and face-to-faceported. The way in which the Opensetting in a richly-decorated room meetings imposed locally, national- Humanitarian Forum was conduct- and enjoyed each others compa-ly, and internationally in response toed by Mariana Dolores was particu- ny was wonderful. It was a feast the COVID-19 pandemic. Gils termlarly impressive. The visit to a localfor the eyes to see, happy people of office was unique, given the ex- Mundo A Sorrir clinic where disad- inbeautifulgaladresses.But ceptionalcircumstancesinvolvingvantaged individuals receive dentaloutside the hall, the world had a three attempts to hold the meetingcare was a wonderful first-hand ex- darker shadow hanging over it. A in Portugal. perience of activities supported by 14 J OURNAL OF THEI NTERNATIONALC OLLEGE OFD ENTISTS'