b'SECTION REPORTSSection VIINDIA, SRI LANKA, NEPALSection VI used coordinated measures to maintain outreach activities during the pandemics most challenging times.Past Presidentsment during my term. These activi- To conclude, I would like to thank Greetingties included a certificate programyou,theMastersandFellowsofR. P. Gupta on infection control and occupation- SectionVI,foryourtrustinme. alsafetyindentalpractice,stew- Being your president has been an ardship in the use of antibiotics, ahonor, and I will remember my time basic life support training program,fondlyformanyyears.Myhearti-a personality development programestcongratulationsgoestothe and a webinar series about dentist- new Fellows. I see the exhilaration ry during COVID that was attendedand sense of achievement in them, live by more than 2,000 participants. which they truly deserve after years Wehavealsoundertakenvari- of hard work.ous humanitarian projects like com-I would like to congratulate the memorating World Food Day, twice incomingpresidentofSectionVI, holding blood donation camps and A sIapproachthelastmo- one eye check-up camp, honoringDr.SwatantraAgrawal.Iwould COVIDwarriorsonInternationalagainliketothankandacknowl-ments of my presidency forWomens Day, holding dental edu- edgemyboardcolleagues,who ICD Section VI, I would likecation sessions for expecting moth- gave so much to ICD through our totakethisopportunitytoreflectersatGMCH,GMSHandPGIboardmeetingsandthroughtheir on what it has meant to me. Theseparticipation and representation in past two years have been some ofChandigarh,implementingpublicthe other organizations.themostrewardingandchalleng- awarenessprogramsonWorld ing experiences of my professionalHealthDay,havingWorldNoTo- 2022 Convocationcareer. I have had the opportunity tobacco Day celebrations, hosting a work closely with the board membersdentalscreeningcampforpoliceSection VI India, Sri Lanka, Nepal who are, without question, very pas- personnel of Chandigarh, having aheld its first in-person convocation sionate about the work of the ICD.Giving Tuesday celebration by or- in two years on Feb. 27, bringing in Everyboardmemberhasprovidedganizing a free community kitchen20newFellowsandtransitioning me with valuable and contextual in- service, and much more. Many ofthe new Section leadership.sight. I have been lucky to representtheseeventsweresharedbythe SectionVIatvariousotherprofes- ICDworldheadquartersontheirInternational Womens Daysional meetings. Facebook, as well as in The Globe. OntheoccasionofInternational The development of ICD SectionWe have also revisited the Con- WomensDayonMar.8,2022, VI Strategic Action plans for 2020stitutionofICDSectionVIandSectionVIandIDAChandigarh and 2021, in which various activitiesmade necessary amendments thatState Branch in collaboration with wereundertakenevenduringthewill help to take the Section to evenHealth Department, UT Chandigarh difficulty of COVID, was a key ele- greater heights in the future. organizedanoralhealthaware-16 J OURNAL OF THEI NTERNATIONALC OLLEGE OFD ENTISTS'