b'SECTION REPORTSSection XMIDDLE EASTThe Middle East Section begins to rebuild their Section at all levels through new leadership, technology and strategic planning.Presidents Greetingat all levels. With the strong will ofof the Section was explained, and Nadim AbouJaoude many motivated Fellows and the ef- theSectionsannualgovernment forts of the active members of thelicense was renewed. Several reso-board, we hope to regain what waslutions were discussed and adopted. inadvertently missed in the passing yearsbecauseofthementionedAcademic Eventsforce majeure. Hopefully, Section XTheofficersoftheSectionhave will recoup soon to its exceptionalheldseveralmeetingsthisyear, goodstandingstatusandleadingsome online and others in person, roleinLebanonandtheMiddleto maintain Section activities.East region.SectionXMiddleEastholdsa Annual Business Meeting partnershipwiththeCentrefor AdvancedProfessionalPractices TimpactoftheeconomicTheCOVID-19pandemic,along(CAPP)intheMiddleEastand hewith the financial and economic cri- Asia,whichisacontinuingedu-crisis that started in LebanonsisinLebanon,weretheprimarycationcenterbasedinDubaithat in2019,inadditiontothereasonswhy the Sectionwas un- providesongoingeducationalpro-BeirutPortexplosionblastinable to hold its yearly meeting andgrams,bothvirtualandhands-on August2020andtheCOVID-19induction ceremony last December.courses,throughoutEuropeand pandemic, has affected the normalHowever,muchoftheseactivitiesAsia. Several ICD Fellows of Sec-functionalityoftheICDSectionwere able to continue this year. tionXareregularcontributorsto XMiddleEast,fromdifferentCAPPprogrammingasspeakers perspectives.Consequently,mostTheICDMiddleEastSectionand lecturers. Section X President of the Section activities were frozen.convenedforitsannualassemblyNadim AbouJaoude has moderated Many of our Fellows were directly orbusiness meeting on May 31, 2022,several of their webinars.indirectly affected by these difficultin order to conduct the election of a circumstances and were, therefore,new board of officers. This meeting AfullICDSectionXSymposium forcednottokeepupwiththeirtook place at the Lebanese DentalwebinartookplaceonJune10, Fellowship commitments. Association Headquarter, in Beirut,2022, with four of the speakers be-Lebanon.Thenominatedofficers,ingfromSectionX,namelyProf. Even though we are still facing afor the term 2022-2024, were unan- Jean-MarieMegarbane,Prof. major economic situation in Leba- imouslyapprovedandelectedbyGeorges Tawil, Prof. Nada BouAb-non, we strongly believe in our nobleover 40 Fellows in attendance virtu- boud Naaman and Prof. Nabil Bara-ICD principles. We have decided toally and in person.kat. The theme of the webinar was resume our mission and accept theA Multidisciplinary Approach in the challenge of rebuilding the SectionAlsoatthismeeting,thestatusRehabilitation of the Esthetic Zone.2 4 J OURNAL OF THEI NTERNATIONALC OLLEGE OFD ENTISTS'