b'SECTION REPORTSSection XIKOREAThe Korean Section continues to flourish with the help of digital communication and internal philanthropic action.Past PresidentseralbusinessmeetingsvirtuallyKorea Family Honor Society. Greetingthroughout the year to discuss on-Dr. Yoo, along with his wife, have Moonsung Jang goingSection-relatedmattersandbecomemembersoftheFamily planning. HonorSocietybydonatingmore OnMay29,2021,theSectionthan $100,000 each to the organi-held a virtual convocation ceremo- zation. In addition, Dr. Yoos sons ny where eight new Fellows werehave also cemented their places in welcomedintotheCollege.Thethe society by pledging to donate Section XI Council members simul- $100,000 each to the organization.taneously held a business meetingIn Korea, the Honor Society mem-online. berscareaboutsocialproblems Family Honor Society and declare to make an effort to help society develop through donations Iand supporting eachAs of Dec. 25, 2021, Dr. Won Heeand volunteerism, to ultimately cre-would like to thank the membersYoo, the past Registrar of ICD Ko- ate a culture for the continual distri-of the ICD Korean Section for en- rea, has become a member of thebution of charity to those in need. couraging other over the last two years during theunprecedentedoccurrenceof COVID-19.Althougheventswere canceled & we were focused on our health, we were fortunate to be able to communicate with executives of the international headquarters and executives of Taiwan & Japan sev-eral times via Zoom. Iamhopefulfortheendofthe pandemic. I look forward to the re-turn to our daily lives and the abil-ity to interact face to face with each other.2021 Activities Stay Virtual 2021 NEW FELLOWS OF SECTION XI (L/R top row) Young, Ku; Seung Woo, Kim; Jae Yoon, Kim; Ki Won, Na (L/R bottom row) Sung Won, Lastyear,leadersandFellowsofPark; Woong Rae, Byun; Yoon Hee, Son; Seong Soo, Hong.ICDSectionXIKoreaheldsev-2 6 J OURNAL OF THEI NTERNATIONALC OLLEGE OFD ENTISTS'