b'SECTION REPORTSPassing of Section Past President ButlerNEW FELLOWS INDUCTED IN PERTH with Section VIII Past President John Owen AM, President Rick Sawers AM and Editor Jenny Ball.cation of Ana Paula Salgado; Maluktheir2022AustraliaDayhonours TimorCPD;Tongadentalclinics;in recognitionof the leadingroles Periodontal Management Program,they play within the dental profes- It was with great sadness that the Tonga;GudfalaTutSkulProgramsioninourregion.FellowKeithboardannouncedthepassingof (aschoolprogram),Vanuatu;andWatkinshasbeenmadeanHon- Past Section VIII President Dr. Rob-the Long Tan Dental Program, Viet- oraryLifeMemberofSectionVIIIert J. F. Butler on Aug. 25, 2021, at nam. Read more.for his services on the board sincethe age of 82. During his 14 years 2011,servingintherolesofRe- of service on the board, Rob served Section VIII Fellows Give Back gent, Treasurer, Vice-President andasRegistrar(1995-2001),Vice-President.HonoraryFellowPeterPresident(2001-2003),President SupportforimprovingoralhealthLazar AM was awarded an ICD Dis- (2003-2005)andImmediatePast in underserved communities in ourtinguishedService AwardinJunePresident (2005-2007). Rob had a regionhasalwaysbeenafocus2021. Unfortunately due to COVID,longandinfluentialdentalcareer for Section VIII. In 2008, the boardthe board did not have the opportu- that spanned military service, public sought to increase financial supportnity to present the award to Peterservice and corporate service. He fororalhealthprojectsbyinclud- before his passing in January 2022.is sadly missed by all who had the ingafieldforoptionaldonationsArrangementsarebeingmadetoprivilege of knowing and collaborat-ontheannualFellowshiprenewalpresent the award posthumously toing with him. Read the tribute.form. Since the introduction of this,Peters family.Section VIII Fellows have donated2022 Officersalmost $145,000 with their renewalChanging of the Guard President: Rick Sawers AMpayments.ThisisanaverageofThe board is pleased to announcePresident Elect: Thomas Tseng about$10,000peryearwithap- the appointment of two new mem- Past President: Keith Watkins proximately 25% of Fellows includ- bers.Dr.JonathanChristoshasRegistrar: Petrina Bowdeningadonationwiththeirrenewalbeen appointed as Regent for SouthEditor: Jenny Ballpayments. AustraliawhenPresidentSawers Recognizing OutstandingAM departs the board in 2023. Dr.Contact InformationService DavidCrumONZMwillbecomeICD Section VIII Australasiathe new International Councilor forAdmin. Officer Ron Robinson The board is always pleased to seeSectionVIIIafterthe2022Coun- 10 Bendtree WaySection VIII Fellows who are namedcil meeting, replacing long-servingCastle Hill, NSW 2154, Australiaon the prestigious annual Australiaboard member Clive Ross CNZM.Mobile: 0466 974 848Day and Queens Birthday honoursThe accolades for Clives 24 yearsadmin@icdsectionviii.orglists.CongratulationstoFellowsofservicetoICDatbothSectionwww.icdsectionviii.orgAndrew Cattermole AM, Deb Cock- andinternationallevelsaremanySection VIII Facebookrell AM and Marc Tennant AM forand profound. Read more.THE GLOBE2022No. 2SECTION REPORTS 2 1'