b'SECTION REPORTSSection I VSOUTH AMERICAThe South American Section celebrated the ICD Centennial and conducted various meetings and academic activities virtually last year.Presidents Greetingtheriskofinfection.Weaccom- country presented the situation that Elena Kavaliauskis plishedthisbycarryingoutsomeeach had been experiencing during of our activities via Zoom and otherthese difficult times. video technologies promoting real- Thereweretwoelectionsthat time engagement. took place. The reelection of Dr. Al-In June 2021, the Section IV Uru- varo Gadola as Section IV Interna-guay District organized the first Vir- tional Councilor for a new term oc-tual Scientific Meeting with the par- curred during the meeting. Dr. Anny ticipation of attendees and leadersBonilla, from Colombia, was elected from Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Unitedas the new Section IV Editor.States,MxicoandParaguay.ItDuring the virtual regents meet-wasahigh-levelconference,ining, the induction of 6 new Fellows whichoutstandingprofessionals T heyear2021presentedcontributed. ofduringthecon- alsotookplace.TheChile,Para-challengesforthedevel- guay and Uruguay district leaders opmentofICDSectionIVSimultaneouslypresentedFellowshipKeys,Pins SouthAmericaleadership,mem- ference,thevirtualinductionofaand Certificates to their inductees in bership and humanitarian activities.new FellowSection XX, Regionperson within their countries, while Due to the presence of the COV- 43Hispaniola took place. Dr. Na- loggingintothevirtualregents ID-19 pandemic, our work within thetacha Jucceus Fabien was officiallymeetingsothatinducteescould communities was greatly restricted.inducted into the College on screenbe seen on screen receiving their Most of the activities carried out byby ICD Secretary General JosephFellowship.Thiscombinedeffort Section IV were through the use ofKenneally. Previous to the confer- of using a digital platform to show-ICT. Below we present the humani- ence, an orientation video, createdcase in-person induction in multiple tarianexperiencesoftheworkofby Uruguay, was also presented tocountries was highly successful for twoofourDistricts:Uruguayandthe Fellow attendees. SectionIV,andtheeventended Colombia. with all new Fellows enjoying lunch.Regents MeetingVirtualScientificCongressHome for the Elderlyand Induction TheICDSectionIVAnnualRe-gents Meeting took place on Nov. 6,Lastyear,SectionIVdonated Last year was a very special year2021, virtually, during which every$1,000forthepurchaseandin-due to COVID-19, which has not yetmember country participated. Top- stallationofairconditionersin beeneradicatedin most of Southics of interest were discussed, andthe Home for the Elderly, which is America,leadingtoinactivityandtheactionscarriedoutduringthelocated in Minas de Corrales, Ri-extra precautions in order to reduceyear were reviewed. Every membervera Department.12 J OURNAL OF THEI NTERNATIONALC OLLEGE OFD ENTISTS'