b'SECTION REPORTSSection XIIICHINAThe Chinese Section welcomed a record number of new Fellows into the College in 2021, while participating in many educational sessions.Presidents Greetingparticipate in this event. We invitedactively participated in last yearin-Zhou, Xuedong alltheapprovedFellows-electofclude the following:both 2020 and 2021 to participate in*NationalOralDiseaseInterven-the Section XIII Induction Ceremo- tion Program forChildrenny and Annual Symposium held on Apr. 22, 2021, in Chengdu, China. *Seriesofcontinuingeducation The symposium was also a suc- training sessions nationwidecess,consistingoffivespeakers* Basic training session for caries fromoutstandinguniversitiesandprevention and controlrenowned dental clinics to give lec- * World Oral Health Day activitytures on regular epidemic preven-tion,oralcarcinogenesis,implant* Emergent sampling tasks for CO-dentistry, regeneration of craniosyn- VID-19 testsTof steady recoveryostosis and implant-prosthodonticsWeareeagerlylookingforward he past year has proven to beinthedigitalage.Theselecturesto prosperity in the future years to a periodwere considered an academic feastcome.asscientistsbegintolearnbythemeetingattendeesfrom more about the COVID-19 virus andaround the country. HISTORICAL INDUCTION&epidemiologists begin to get familiarSYMPOSIUMwithitsinfectionpatterns,bothOnlineandHumanitarian(Top photo) The Section XIII leading to less panic and more faithActivities China 2021 Induction Ceremony in the overcoming of this pandemicChina is a large country. Some prov- and Annual Symposium on Apr. eventually.inces are affected by the pandemic22 welcomed a record number of 2021 Induction and Sympo- from time to time, and therefore, the91 new Fellows into the College. activities of Section XIII China have(Middle photo) Prof. Xia Juan, sium beenmainlyonline.Manyofourof Sun Yet-sen University, gives a lecture titled Obesity We have all witnessed the fact thatFellows have been actively partici- exacerbates oral carcinogenesis people are getting back to normalpating in these online activities or- via CCL9/CCR1 mediated life, and the economy is slowly butganized by a number of dental as- recruitment and functional steadily growing. Section XIII Chinasociations in our country, and theyenhancement of MDSCs and took advantage of this situation andhave eagerly shared with others the(Bottom photo) Dr. He Gang, of happilyinformedalltheFellows- cutting-edge knowledge in the fieldSunshine Dental, gave a lecture elect about the news of our off-lineof stomatology. titled Cutting-edge Digital inductionceremonyandannualApproaches: Game Changers in symposiumof2021.Asaresult,Asummaryofthehumanitar- Future Implant Dentistry during we had the greatest number of newian,educationalandpublichealththe symposium.inductees in our history since 2010projectsthatSectionXIIIFellows 3 0 J OURNAL OF THEI NTERNATIONALC OLLEGE OFD ENTISTS'