b'SECTION REPORTSSection I IIMEXICOICD Mexico triumphs in the form of intranational engagement to help keep Fellows engaged and enthusiastic.Presidents Greetingtime as the international meeting ofWe also launched a campaign of Roberto A. Wuotto Daz Ceballos the Mexican Dental Association, astoy donations for Childrens Day at ithasbeendonetraditionally.Dr.the end of April 2022.Jos Martinez Martnez was elect- Digitallecturesgiveninclude ed our new president for the yearsComplex posterior sector repairs 2022-2024,andhewilltakepos- by Dr. Roberto Ivn Puc Poolon session of his role during this event. Apr. 23, 2021, and RTR applica-Our Section regencies have con- tionsasanalveolarpreservative tinued their humanitarian and aca- andregenerativematerialinim-demic work regardless of the pan- plantology given on Nov. 24, 2021, demic, although it has been muchby Dr. Humberto Gallegos.more difficult because of the sani- tary restrictions involved. Northwest RegencyS ection III Mexico has 129 ac- Zoom meetings and lectures haveAs reported by Dr. Socorro Becerril,tiveFellows,twoHonorarybeen accessible to all of our differ- the Northwest Regency regent, this Fellows and three Masters. ent Regencies, and some have ar- regency continued the donation of ranged live activities with the nec- PersonalProtectionEquipmentto Atthispresenttime,Iwillcon- essary precautions in place. Tijuana hospitals.tinue through a third year as Sec-On Apr. 14, 2021, the regency tion President instead of the regularMexico City Regency held a Zoom lecture with Dr. Glen-two years because of the unfortu- Unfortunately,ourformerregent,daCorcinoonHowtore-invent nate and untimely death in Febru- our dental practice through COVID ary 2021 of our President Elect Dr.whowasDr.JorgePrezRueda,times.Jorge Prez Rueda, who will alwayspassedawayduetoCOVID,and be remembered because of his ex- we had to name a new regent and traordinary humanitarian labor anda co-regent. We are rebuilding andNorth Central Regencyhishighhumanqualities.Mayheorganizing new projects. At our North Central Regency, Re-rest in peace. ThenewRegent,Dr.NestorgentDr.JorgeVillarrealreported Due to the risks of the COVID-19Schejtman,reportedthatonApr.onimportanthumanitarianactivi-pandemic, we were unable to have21, 2021, they held a Zoom lectureties.Fellowstreated35patients our2021inductionceremonyandonHumanLeadershipgivenbyoftheAlumbrandoelCorazon Lic. Jaime Cervantes. de un Nino, which is a childrens convocation. Astheresultofthis,home and a refuge for very poor or our convocation and induction cere- A new series of non-dental webi- abused children. COVID tests were mony will take place in November ofnars are being developed to honorgiven to all participants one day be-this year in Mexico City at the sameDr. Prez Rueda.fore the event. Procedures includ-1 0 J OURNAL OF THEI NTERNATIONALC OLLEGE OFD ENTISTS'