b'SECTION REPORTSSection XVSection XV expands its recruitment efforts by building relationships and identifying deserving dentists in new territories.Presidents GreetingWehavesignificantlygrowninshipadmissioncriteriaacrossthe Kim Chuan How the number of new members overSection. Apart from that, the Youth the past years. As of 2022, SectionDivision of ICD Section XV has ini-XVhasmorethan1,000FellowstiatedactiveFacebookandlnsta-and over 30 youth Fellows. gram engagements with more than 3,600followersworldwide.Young professionalsintheindustryrep-Staying Active Duringresent a vast pool of potential new COVID-19 members for our association. Mov-Since the pandemic, COVID-19 hasing forward, we are exhilarated to ushered in the dawn of a new erawelcome on board tremendous po-in education. Section XV has imple- tentials to ICD.mented online seminars every twoSection XV Editor Prof. Nauman weeks since July 2020, organizedRauf Khan produced two e-newslet-TInternationalCollegeofby our Education Committee underters per year as part of The Globe.hetheleadershipofProf.DatoMo-Dentists (ICD) is the oldesthamed Ibrahim Abu Hassan.andlargestinternationalVice Presidents Note honorsocietyfordentistsintheThe power in helping each otherArshad Malikworld.Establishedin1920,theduringCOVID-19isfundamen-Collegehasmorethan12,000tal.UndertheleadershipoftheLast year, Section XV made a differ-membersinover122countriesChairlady, Asst. Prof. Dr. Tammy 0.ence and created awareness on a whohavebeenawardedwiththeDuangthip, we have donated Per- grand scale about the issues relat-prestigious title of Fellow in the ICD. sonal Protective Equipment (PPE)ed to oral health through activities to Pakistan and Bangladesh in col- includingeducationalprograms, SectionXViscomprisedof13laboration with ICD world hadquar- livewebinars,PPEdonationsto regions across Asia, namely Singa- ters and with the support of HenryFellowsandawarenessprograms pore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Macau,Schein.Wealsoorganizedfreefor the general public. Pakistan,Indonesia,Bangladesh,dentaltreatmentsinBangladesh,This year, the ICD Pakistan chap-Brunei,Vietnam,Thailand,Laos,Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand interhastakentheinitiativetohelp CambodiaandAfghanistan.We2019-2020 before the pandemic. reduce obstacles to oral health. We areregisteredinSingaporeasaOurdreamsmustcontinue,de- alsocelebratedWorldOralHealth regional headquarter with the Reg- spite the pandemic. The Section XVDaywithgreatzeal,incollabora-istryofSocietyofSingapore.OurCredential Committee continues totionwithdifferentdentalinstitutes. Secretariat is run by Dr. Khalisyahreceive applications for FellowshipFor that, I am thankful to Section XV Che Hashim as the Administrativeand approve some of them basedEditor and Pakistan Deputy Regent Manager, as well as Dr. David Tanon stringent criteria. The committeeKhan and Secretary Dr. Beenish for as the Youth Division Chairman. has also standardized the Fellow- their tireless efforts.3 2 J OURNAL OF THEI NTERNATIONALC OLLEGE OFD ENTISTS'