b'SECTION REPORTSSection VI IIAUSTRALASIASection VIII was finally able to celebrate the 100th anniversary of ICD during a Perth convocation and board meeting last year.Presidents Greetinggrams, due in part to applicationsRoss CNZM, of New Zealand. Clive Rick Sawers AM that had been deferred because ofeloquently described the genesis of COVID. The Section VIII biannualtheCollegeandgavespecialac-newsletterstookaleapforwardknowledgement to ICD leadership with an improved interactive formatfromWesternAustralianFellows. andenhancedcontent.Important- His address was very well received ly,SectionVIIIremainsfinanciallywithmanyattendeesbeingde-sound. Lastly, I am pleased to saylighted to hear more about who we that with a stroke of fortunate tim- were and where we are now. Read ing, an in-person induction ceremo- more. The next Section VIII convo-ny and dinner were able to be heldcation will be held in Christchurch, in Perth last October. New Zealand, on Aug. 20, 2022.Supporting Volunteer 2021 Perth Convocation Ibeen another productiveAt long last, a memorable ICD cen- Programs generosityofSec-t has yearforSectionVIIIdespitetenarydinnerandinductioncer- Thankstothe the ongoing challenges of CO- emonywereheldattheParmeliationVIIIFellows,theboardwas VID-19.OurFellowscontinuetoHilton Perth on Oct. 30, at which 30abletosupportarecordnumber nominate deserving colleagues for new Fellows were inducted, includ- ofvolunteerprogramsinrecent Fellowship,andseveralHonoraryingtwoHonorary.Perthwaspar- months.SinceSeptember2021, Fellowships have also been award- ticularly suitable for this centenarytheboardhasapprovedfinancial ed over the past year. The Sectionevent given that the inaugural Sec- support for 15 volunteer programs, VIII Board has held quarterly virtualtionVIIIinductionceremonywasas well as financial support for the meetings to continue business, in- held in Perth in 1964. It was unfor- Australian Dental Research Foun-cluding revising the Section VIII By- tunate that border closures prevent- dation and the New Zealand Dental laws, creating Standing Rules anded most board members, and all butResearchFoundation.Volunteer updatingtheSectionProceduresa few Fellows from outside Westernprograms awarded by Section VIII Guide.Givenanever-increasingAustralia, from attending. Both In- grants include the Community Den-numberofapplicationsforgrants,ternationalPastPresidentAkiratalOutreachProgram,Adelaide; theboardreviewedourSectionsSenda, of Japan, and InternationalKimberleyDentalTeam,Western grant application process, resultingPresident Richard Smith, of Texas,Australia; Healthy Kids Cambodia; in the introduction of a Grants As- sent greetings via video. The key- MLop Tapang, Cambodia; Aitutaki sessment Committee and a revisednote address for new Fellows, Re- Project,CookIslands;Smilesfor grant application form. flections on 100 Years for ICD, wasthePacificseminars,Fiji;Project Overthepast12months,thealso delivered via video by SectionYeti,Nepal;NepalVillageHealth boardapprovedarecordnumberVIIIInternationalCouncilorandImprovement Program; PNG Den-of grants to support volunteer pro- PastInternationalPresidentClivetal School; Timor Leste Dental edu-2 0 J OURNAL OF THEI NTERNATIONALC OLLEGE OFD ENTISTS'