b'SECTION REPORTSSection IUSAThe USA Section is improving member accessibility through its new website, and its Foundation expands its support for member projects. Presidents GreetingdecidedtopostponeourCenten- Foundation ReportJames C. Setterberg nial Celebration to next year. OurMargot Culotta-Norton2021 meeting will take place in Las Vegas, and our theme will be Be-ginningtheNext100Years.We invite Fellows from other Sections to join us!For the remainder of 2020, well have to be flexible as we consider howtoholdourannualBoardof Regents meeting this October. We want to be sensitive to the fact that mostofourFellowsandFellow-A lthoughbeinginstalledt asElectshavehadtotemporarilyThe2020USASectionFounda-thePresidentoftheUSAclose their practices, and any ad- tionsBoardofTrusteesiscom-Sectionwasoneofheditional time away will add to theposed of 10 elected, engaged and most honorable events in my pro- financial strain. With that in mind,motivatedFellows,whoarededi-fessionalcareer,perhapsoneofthisyearwewillnotconductourcated to providing support for USA the most satisfying occurred in ourformalandimpressiveconvoca- Section projects in addition to fund-hometownofGlenwoodSprings,tion; instead, new Fellows can being grant proposals for worthy hu-CO,lastOctober.MywifeSher- inducted in absentia at a reducedmanitarian projects. rie (RDH) and I served as co-Sitefee.LooktoournewwebsiteforThe motto of the ICD USA Sec-Chairs for the Colorado Mission ofmore details in the future. tion is Serving Others. The Sec-Mercy. Over 1,200 volunteers from I would also like to mention thetion has launched several projects around the state participated. Dur- untimely passing of two of our out- andprogramstoexpanditsout-ing the two-day event, more thanstanding dental leaders who werereach to provide humanitarian and 1,600 underprivileged patients re- educational aid in the USA and de-ceivedover$1.3millionworthofdedicatedtoserving:Dr.Bettieveloping countries throughout the dental care. It is amazing what canMcKaig,ImmediatePastInterna- world.Generousdonationsfrom be accomplished when a group oftional President and a past RegentFellows enable the Foundation to caringindividualscometogetherofUSADistrict16,andDr.Leonaward grants to the Section to fulfill for a great cause. Aronson, Past International Presi- its humanitarian goals. Successful WhatisnewforSectionIfordent and Past USA Section Presi- ongoing projects that the Founda-2020?Thatsaloadedquestion!dent. They will be deeply missed. tion supports are the International LiketheworldwideCollege,weStay safe, stay healthy! StudentExchangeProgram,the 8 J OURNAL OF THEI NTERNATIONALC OLLEGE OFD ENTISTS'