b'SECTION REPORTSSection XMIDDLE EASTThe Middle East Section continues to promote the Core Values of ICD through leadership recognition in academia and service.Presidents Greetingtion. This will reflect upon a growingbringing the program forth.Nadim AbouJaoude class of economically compromised patients. Here resides the spirit ofAcademic EventstheFellowship,theopportunitytoTheZahiKhalafMerit Awardisa serve. I urge all Fellows to elevateyearly recognition granted to a fifth-the motto of the College to its trueyear fresh graduate dental student value while staying safe. fromeachdentalschoolinLeba-Humanitarian Activities non, in recognition of his or her un-dergraduateachievements.Each The Chahtoul Project, spear- award recipient was recognized by headed by Past Section Presidentacertificateofrecognitionanda Georges Tawil, has been providinggolden trophy.essential dental care for persons at Icentennialyearofthethe center run by the Saint VincentSection X District 1 has proudly nthisDe Paul Congregation in the Leba- launched for the first time in 2019 ICDthathappenedtocoincidenon mountains. Some 40 destitutethePresidentGerardTabourian withtheCOVID-19pandemic,residents, most of whom are Al- MeritAward.Thisawardisdedi-Iwouldliketocongratulateallzheimer patients, were treated andcated to honoring the best research Fellows and wish them safe pathsgiven removable prostheses. accomplishedbyapostgraduate throughthesedifficulttimes.Thisresidentfromthedifferentdental willbeachallengingyear.BeingPast Regent of District 1, PhilippeprogramsinLebanon.Theresi-aFellowhappensuponinvitationSouhaid, has been giving his timedent nominated for this award, who that reflects the recognition of thehas shown excellence and distinc-services. This does not stop at thisandexpertisetreatingyoungpa- tion,willbeaskedtopresenthis level but should be an opportunitytients who are hearing and visuallyresearch in an academic gathering toservemore,especiallyduringimpaired during the IRAP project. organized by the College. He will be these difficult times. Officers of the Section have ex- honored by a certificate of recogni-Wehaveachallengingdutytopressed their willingness to assist intion and a golden trophy.continuetoassistthecommunity,the efforts of the MERATH non-gov- Ajointscientificmeetingwas braving all risks of cross contamina- ernmental organization in caring forheld between the ICD Middle East tion. Taking all protective measures,and treating refugee children in theSectionandtheLebaneseDental we are at a turning point of our pro- Bekaavalley.Lastyear,RegentAssociation-Tripoli, at the Chamber fession. On another key, adapting toSouhaidandInternationalCoun- of Commerce, Industry and Agricul-the new protective requirements willcilor Cedric Haddad met with Fel- ture, Tripoli, Lebanon. The session have a direct impact on the cost oflow Ross Fergusson, of Section VIIIwas moderated by Past President our daily practices, that comes withAustralasia, and discussed modesTawil. Regent Souhaid had a short a growing difficult economic situa- inwhichSectionXcouldhelpinspeech on the history and the mis-2 6 J OURNAL OF THEI NTERNATIONALC OLLEGE OFD ENTISTS'