b'SECTION REPORTSlentfinalceremonywithsocialex- Colombia District Uruguay Districtchanges, which undoubtedly lead toThe Section IV District of ColombiaTheUruguayDistrictcontinues the strengthening of friendships, andhas developed a structural organiza- toworkontheeducationaland strengthening of Section IV and ICD. tionbasedonhumanitarianism,re- preventive program of dental trauma search, and academic and communi- in sports by offering talks in schools Brazil District cation media, which aims to promoteandbyseeingthepossibilityof Since 2014, care has been given toa horizontal and articulated approachmaking and putting mouth guards on children and adolescents up to 18between the health professional andall those boys who, due to contact yearsold,withthesupportofthepublic health politics in Colombia. sports, are more exposed to dental last-year students of the UniversityBesides the social, humanitarianfractures. Likewise, in the preventive of Sorocaba, under the supervisionandresearchactivitiesdevelopedtalks,theimmediateactionsofthe of Professors Alexandre Landulphowith communities of schools, foun- accident are also discussed, which and Juliana Bellini, who conducteddationsandindigenousgroupsinshould be taken by family members, clinical examinations followed withurban and rural areas, we also ad- teachers or the child involved.bacterialplaquecontrolandpro- dressed special efforts in topics ofIn view of the unfortunate physi-phylaxis. publichealthandacademicsub- cal loss of our Fellow Dr. Suzumu jects as humanization and provisionNisizaki,aspecialceremonywas In addition, there was a motiva- of the health service in dentistry. heldinhistribute,whereFellow tional and educational talk on oralTheseachievementstriggeredAlberto Torielli, former President of hygiene, given by students and withseveral additional benefits such asSection IV, portrayed Dr. Suzumu.interactive participation of children,thealliancebetweenAMAgroupIn addition, the Dra. Mara Ins andhygienekitswereprovided.and ICD Colombia for leading aca- NavarraAwardwaspresented The people needing treatment weredemic seminars offered to govern- within the framework of the SUIO, referred for attention to the facultyment and private entities, which notwhich awards a prize of US $1,000. clinics. only incentivizes our relations withItalsoparticipatedintheaward-The Brazil District continues to tryacademic institutions but also withing of prizes to students, within the to position itself as a representativeNational Dentistry Societies and theframeworkofaCongressorga-of the National Dentistry. However,Ministry of Health. nized by the Faculty of Dentistry of due to the difficulties in the country,the Republic.thishasbeenaffected,mainlybyParaguay Districtthe maintenance of the Fellows. DentistsfromUNA,ICDFellows2020 OfficersandtheInternationalCollegeofPresident: Ruben Di Tore Chile District Surgery members, in two programsVice President:Raul Vera Lubary TheChileanFellowsholdboardcalledGivingBacktothePeoplePast President: Alex Otani meetings on the first Tuesday eachand Training Trainers, provide freePast Vice President: Pericles Correa careinsurgeriesandeducationalde Freitas month.Theplenarymeetingsareworkshops in underdeveloped areasRegistrar:Elena Kavaliauskis held with speakers invited to discussthroughtheDepartmentofSanTreasurer: Richard Jaureguydifferent topics of the profession, in- Pedro, trying to give back within ourEditor:Luis Araneda Silva cluding academic, scientific and cul- means what society has given us.tural. Contact InformationAmongtheconferencesgiven,This year, six new Fellows wereICD Section IVinductedinabeautifulceremonyRegistrar Elena Kavaliauskis some included the performance ofin Asuncion with the assistance ofUruguayBMF prostheses in public servicesCouncilor Gadola Bergara, to sup- Phone: 2 601-8423 and kinesiology in swallowing dis- portthegrowthoftheParaguayelena.kavaliauskis@gmail.comorders. District. www.icd-southamerica.orgJ OURNAL OF THEI NTERNATIONALC OLLEGE OFD ENTISTS Honoring the Worlds Leading Dentists Since 1920tm 15'