b'SECTION REPORTSSection XIKOREAThe Korean Section focuses on mentoring dentists over the next century through leadership, dental ethics and academic sessions.Presidents GreetingICDKoreaSectionoffersaviceandtheopportunitytoserve Kyoung-Sun Kim monthly academic seminar for Fel- throughout the world. lowsinwhichwestudyseveralA good dentist should have ex-humanities subjects, and new top- cellent medical skills and academic ics and developments in the dentalknowledge.Also,gooddentists field. We are seeking a more pro- needleadershipinvarioussocial gressive relationship with the otherroles. We have the vision of serve, Asian ICD Sections by regularly vis- share, smart leadership as a den-iting each other.tist. I strongly believe that ICD Ko-In2018,weheldacharitygolfreaSectionwillhelpourFellows tournamentforraisingscholarshipbecome respectable dentists, now fundsforaMongolianschoolinand into the next century.Korea. In 2019, about 50 Fellows participated in the tournament and2019 Initiation Ceremonyfundedthescholarshipforseven The 2019 ICD Korean New Mem-I tsmygreatpleasuretosendstudents in the Mongolian school. bersRecognitionCeremonyand youourwarmgreetingfromWe published a translation bookRegular General Meeting was held ICDKoreaSection.Iamveryof Dental Ethics at Chairside andon June 1, 2019, at Seoul Club Hal-happytobewithICDFellows,aheldabigsymposiumregardinglasan Room in Seoul, South Korea. group of honorary leader dentists.Ethicsindentistry.WedistributedNine new Fellows were welcomed Wemakeagreatefforttosharethis book to various places such asinto the College on this day.many interesting activities with ouruniversities, hospitals and libraries. members. ICD Korea Section is also holdingAcademic Activitiesvarious cultural events such as his-ICD is a volunteer group that ac- toricalexploration,concertsandDental Ethics at Chairside, the Ko-tivelypursuessocialservice.Weopera viewing. Our other activity isrean version, was published in April have published oral health data andto send the several titles of booksof 2019. It is expected to be used books in various foreign languagesto the Fellows as a birthday pres- as a textbook on the dental ethics and distributed them to elementaryent for improving humanistic knowl- of major domestic universities and schoolsandorphanagesforim- edge and sharing the relationship inorganizations.provingoralhealthinneighboringour Section. Our activities as well countries. In 2018, ICD Korea Sec- as newly developed information areInternational Activitiestion signed an MOU with a Mongoliaall provided on our website. On June 7-8, 2019, the Korea Sec-school in Seoul, in order to provideItisnowthe100thanniversarytioninvitedtheJapanSectionto oral dental services to students ofcommemoration of the ICD. We willencouragethepreparationofthe various ages and to educate aboutmakeourrelationshipstrongwith100th AnniversaryCeremonyand dental health. each other and recognize the ser- Commemoration Ceremony of the 2 8 J OURNAL OF THEI NTERNATIONALC OLLEGE OFD ENTISTS'