b'SECTION REPORTSSection XIIICHINAThe Chinese Section celebrated its 10th anniversary last year and looks forward to greater achievements in years to come.Presidents Greetingunderprivilegedandunderserved.enedthetiebetweenthetwo Zhou, Xuedong We couldnt forget the selfless helpSectionsandhasbroadenedour andguidanceoftheCollegeoffi- Sectionsperspective.Thethree cers during the process of becom- speakerssharedtheirlatestre-ing a Section. After 10 years, Sec- search findings as well as clinical tion XIII has more than doubled indiagnosticstrategiesandtreat-its size and has representationofment modalities. Their lecture titles almost every corner of the country.were 3D Digital Technology in im-We couldnt help looking forward toplant restoration incorporating with the thrill of the Centennial celebra- Orthodontic movements to achieve tion in Nagoya, and we are sure tooptimalfunctionalandaesthetic make greater achievements in theresults,givenbyDr.How,Sec-years to come. tion XV; Correlation between peri-odontal diseases and systemic dis-Annual Symposium eases - basic and clinical research FthebeginningoftheAsatraditionofourSection,wefindings, given by Prof. Pan Yap-rom year2019,wehaveallorganizedanannualsymposiuming, of Chinese Medical University, felttheimpetusoftheICDinAprilofthisyear.Thenewly- Section XIII; and Manifestation of Centennial,andSectionXIIIhasbuiltWestChinaInternationalsyphilisinoralmucosa:Diagnos-beenworkingtosupportit.LastExpo City, despite its long distancetic strategies, given by Prof. Chen yearwasaspecialyearforICDQianming, Sichuan University, Sec-SectionXIIIChina,asthisyearfrom the center of Chengdu city, istion XIII.marks the 10th year since the veryabletoaccommodatelarge-scale establishment of our Section whenexhibitions and provides an excellent wewerefirstacknowledgedasenvironment setting and equipment10th Anniversaryautonomous in 2009.for this event. Unfortunately, due toSectionXIIIhelditsInduction Therefore,SectionXIIIcouldntthe COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020Ceremonyand10thAnniversary helpspendingquiteawhiletoannual symposium was cancelled. Celebration in the afternoon of Apr. speculate the path we have walkedIn last years symposium, we were25, 2019. Vice President of Chinese alongandachievementswehavejoinedbySectionXVdelegates,Stomatological Association(CSA), made under the leadershipof thenamely President Kim Chuan How,Prof.LiuHongchen,attendedthe Collegeatlarge.Wehavesum- Vice President William Cheung andevent as a representative of CSA. marizedeveryimportanteventinRegistrar John Ling, and were veryGuestsfromSectionXValso thehistoryofSectionXIII.Duringhappytowelcometwospeakerswitnessedthegrandceremony. suchprocess,wedeeplyfeltthefrom Section XIII and one speakerSectionXIIIPresidentZhou glorious honor of the ICD, which isfrom Section XV.introducedthehistoryofSection one of the oldest of its kind and hasXIII since its very beginning in the alwaysbeenreachingoutfortheSuch collaboration has strength- ICD and introduced the College to 3 2 J OURNAL OF THEI NTERNATIONALC OLLEGE OFD ENTISTS'