b'SECTION REPORTSSection I VSOUTH AMERICAThe South American Section updated its statutes and regulations during a productive 2019 Regents Meeting to better unite its Fellows across borders.Presidents GreetingThis year has also been a year ofideas. After almost two days of in-Ruben Di Tore concern and sadness, a year of atense work in Santiago, a consen-pandemic, which has impacted hu- sus was reached.man beings worldwide. I am wish- The presence of the member coun-ing this year finds all the memberstries was celebrated in Santiago, and oftheICDunitedtocontributethe same problems of previous times knowledge and service for the goodwere raised, including issues of Fel-of all societies. low loyalty and retention in the Sec-AftertheGreatWar100yearstion, and economic difficulties, both ago, the Colleges founding fathers,regionally and globally.Drs. Ottofy and Okumura, managedIt was determined the Section IV to found an institution whose mottopresidency and vice presidency posi-isRecognizingServiceandthetions would be filled by Paraguayan Opportunity to Serve. Let us hon-D ear Fellows, we appreciateor this motto, seekingto continueFellows for the following period, and down the same path as our found- International Councilor Alvaro Gado-ingfathers,helpingtogrowandla Bergara was appointed to contact being able to communicatestrengthen our beloved ICD. the Paraguayan District to determine withallofyou.Weareinaverythese Fellows. Fellow Ruben Di Tore special year, in which different andwould become Section IV President, veryoppositesituationscombine.Regents Meeting and Fellow Raul Vera Lubary would Someverygood,andothersofIn July 2019, the Section IV Southbecome Section IV Vice President.greatanguishanduncertaintyAmericaMeetingofRegentswasSixnewFellowswereinvested regarding the future. held in Santiago, Chile, under theintoSectionIV,having,inaddition ThisyearmarkstheCentennialauspicesoftheICDChileanDis- to a fruitful work meeting, an excel-year for the College. One hundredtrict. Under the Presidency of Fel-yearshavepassedsinceourbe- low AlexOtani,fromBrazil,there lovedICDwasfoundedin1920.wasaninterestingexchangeof TheCollegebringstogetheroverideas. 122countriesaroundtheworldAlready at the Montevideo Meet-with more than 12,000 health pro- ing in 2018, a working group had fessionals and doctors in dentistry.been established, made up of for-TheseFellowswerechosenformer Section IV presidents, in order theirhighly-ethicalandmoralval- to seek a reform of the statutes and ues and for their very good scien-tificcontributions,whichseektotoupdateSectionregulations.In improve the quality of life for humanbetween both meetings, the mem- REGENTS MEETINGwas held in beings through their excellence. bersofthecommissionproposedSantiago, Chile, in July 2019.14 J OURNAL OF THEI NTERNATIONALC OLLEGE OFD ENTISTS'