b'A letter from International President Akira SendaDear Fellows and Colleagues, Volume 2 of our annual GLOBE journal comes to you as the world faces a very challenging time due to the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). I extend my compassion to all Fellows that we may overcome this crisis together. My motto is One Team, One Dream for serving humankind. With over 12,000 Fellows in more than 122 countries, our reach spans far and wide. It is more important now than ever before to realize this concept and work together in camaraderie and common purpose to endure the challenges ahead. I am able to report that the World Headquarters of the College is fully functional and has been practicing social distancing measures. Also, since most of the staff already work remotely, procedures have been in place for some time enabling us to maintain operations seamlessly. We will soon be inviting Fellows around the world to share their experiences on Facebook and other platforms. As you may have heard, the Executive Committee made the determination, based on the uncertainty and high priority we place on the health and safety of our Fellows and guests who would be attending the College Centennial Celebration and the International Council meeting, to reschedule these events for September 2021 in Nagoya. The timely decision allowed us to contract the same venues in Nagoya, Japan, as originally planned. This means you can look forward to attending all the exciting events on the new dates, including the Symposium on Humanitarian Programs, the International Induction Ceremony and the fabulous Gala evening. More information will be posted on the Centennial website.I firmly believe that humankind shall overcome the global disaster of this pandemic and that all ICD Fellows who will gather in Nagoya will celebrate not only the Colleges first 100 years, but also our victory over the pandemic and the kick-off of our next College century. Let us all unite and work to overcome our difficulties, while deepening our Fellowship as we resolve to celebrate our future by gathering in Nagoya, Japan, on Sept. 20-22, 2021.In Fellowship,Dr. Akira Senda ICD International PresidentJ OURNAL OF THEI NTERNATIONALC OLLEGE OFD ENTISTS Honoring the Worlds Leading Dentists Since 1920tm 5'