b'SECTION REPORTSSection I IIMEXICOThe Mexican Section is going On the Road to respond to the urgent oral health needs of the Mexican population.Presidents GreetingHumanitarian Projects than15dentalbrigades.InJune, Roberto A. Wuotto Diaz Ceballos & EducationFellowsworkedsixconsecutive In response to the urgent needs ofSaturdaystreatingabout150pa-the Mexican population on improv- tients in Tlaxinalpan. It was the first ingtheiroralhealth,humanitar- timewetookourMobileUnitto ian projects throughout Section IIItreat patients On the Road.helpedmorethan2,000patientsIn July, four brigades at San Lo-last year. renzo treated 70 patients.Central Regency InAugust,120patientswere treatedatMiacatlnOrphanage. InFebruary,adentalEstheticsFellows,dentistsandUNCstu-CoursewithPresidentSifuentesdents treated 97 patients in Loma was given in Quertaro. Esmeralda.I ts now my turn to guide SectionOnJuly22-25,preventivecareIn September in Tenayuca, over III Mexico. This fills me up withwas given to 20 children from Casa20 patients were treated.pride, and I feel honored by thisHogar by University of North Caro-high distinction. lina(UNC),UniversidadLatinaNorth Central RegencyLastyear,wewelcomed21newCelaya and Universidad Autnoma Fellows,andwehave143Active,deQuertaro(UAQ).GraduateOn Apr. 30, toys were delivered to twoMasterandtwoHonoraryFel- students, Fellows and UNC under- 135 children from School of Den-lows. Past President Jos Angel Si- graduates, led by Dr. Carolina Vera,tistry of Universidad Coahuila and fuentes was very active, both in theprovidedtreatmentto36patientsCollege Dental Surgeons Laguna. scientific and humanitarian aspects,from Casa Providencia. and through his leadership we pro- On Sept. 9, Fellows, familymem- In October in Cd. Juarez, 190 pa-videdmanyunderprivilegedpeoplebersanddentiststreated38pa- tients received dental treatments at with dental care. Today, we have thetients in Salitrillo, Guanajuato. Soles de Anapra by Fellows, Col-challenge to continue this. lege Dental Surgeons Cd. Juarez, Juarezs Rotary and School of Den-SectionIIICentennialeventsforMexico City Regency tistry, Universidad Cd. Juarez.2020 have been postponed due toIn October, 30 children from inmates COVID-19. Section III also plans toof a womens prison received dentalNortheastern Regencyattend the Centennial celebration incare at Universidad Anahuac Mexico Nagoya with a group of Fellows. City, guided by Dr. Cynthia Navarro. InFebruary,180patientswere We will continue to hold high theDr. AlfredoSakargrantedinbail- treated at Villa de Garca.name of ICD with the help and par- ment a mobile dental unit. FellowsOn Apr. 28, preventive and diag-ticipation from our Fellows. restoredit,andithasnowmorenostic services were performed on 12 J OURNAL OF THEI NTERNATIONALC OLLEGE OFD ENTISTS'