b'SECTION REPORTSSection XXIn 2019, Section XX inducted a historic class of Fellows from Hispaniola during the Greater New York Dental Meeting.Registrars Reporttwo distinctly different cultures andmadepossiblebyoutstanding John V. Hinterman languages to come together underassistancefromGNYDMofficials, the banner of ICD Fellowship. Thisas well as the ICD District of New event at the GNYDM became his- York,especiallyFellowIra Titunik, tory in the making. Regent of USA District 2 New York. Duringtheceremony,thenewAll parties would like to see the ICD Fellows learned more about ICDsinternationalpresencecontinueto 100-year honorific and social mis- grow.Andso,itisproposedthat sion. They were welcomed by lead- theNewYorkCityICDceremony ers of ICD and affiliated dental or- becomeanongoingannualevent ganizations,ICDFellowsall.ICDaspartoftheGNYDMfestivities. Fellow Chad P. Gehani, PresidentFor2020,GNYDMcontinuing oftheAmericanDentalAssocia- educationprogrammingfeaturing tion, gave the keynote address. ICDICDspeakersisalsounder consideration.ISectionXXRegionsSecretary General Jack Hinterman,TheGNYDMservesasdentist-CDInternational Editor and Director of inductednewFellowsintotheCollege Communications Dov Syd- rys international crossroads and is College at a ceremony on Dec.ney,andInternationalCouncilorAmericaslargestdentalmeeting. 1,2019,duringtheGreaterNewJulio Rodriguez conducted the cer- Its proven to be a great gathering YorkDentalMeeting(GNYDM)inemony.FellowMarthaMutiswasplace for Fellows from both devel-New York City, USA. The ceremonyinstalled as Section XX Deputy Re- oped and developing nations. Coun-was for candidates who live or workgent of Region 50, to acknowledgetries with major international airports in Central America or the Caribbeanher ongoing role in nominating andhave a direct flight to New York City, Islands.Inahistoricalstep,ICDmentoringnewFellows.Fellowsmaking it a manageable feat to bring reached out to the qualified dentaland guests were honored at a fol- together and honor new inductees. professionalsontheIslandoflowingreceptionforinternationalSecretaryGeneralHintermanhas Hispaniola as a Centennial initiative.participantsoftheGNYDM.Thepresided at the ceremonies in New new Fellows recognized the day asYork, assisted by attending Fellows It was time for the leading den- animportantstepintheirprofes- and his spouse Carol. An ICD cer-tists of both the Dominican Republicsional careers. emony for new Fellows is scheduled and Haiti to be recognized and takefor Nov. 29, 2020. theirrightfulplaceinICDsglobalNew York event ongoingcommunityofhonoredFellows.Africa developmentsAdelegationofqualifieddentistsInrecentyears,therehave frombothnationswereawardedbeenfourSectionXXInitiationDuringthe2019Councilmeeting, ICD Fellowship. It is emblematic ofCeremonies for new Fellows fromInternationalCouncilorforSection theCollegesCentennialyearef- developingcountries,duringtheXXPankajPatel,ofKenya,was forts to arrange for these citizens ofannual GNYDM. These have beenrecognizedwiththePresidential 3 8 J OURNAL OF THEI NTERNATIONALC OLLEGE OFD ENTISTS'