b'SECTION REPORTSSection I ICANADAThe Canadian Section celebrated a successful 2019 convocation and meeting with new leadership, a new format and cross-Sectional collaboration.Presidents Greetingvenue for such a formal event. OurCommittee and Board of Regents Drew Smith new Fellows wore green and goldmeetings with skill and grace, and silk graduation sashes, embeddedmuch was accomplished under her with the ICD Key and the ICD Ca- yearasPresident.TheCreden-nadian tartan, which highlighted thetials Committee, Nominating Com-importance of this event in their pro- mittee,ExecutiveCommitteeand fessional lives, as well as serving asBoardofRegentsbenefitedfrom a beautiful accessory for the tuxe- ourfirstelectronicannualmeet-dos and evening dresses adorninging.Thisfacilitatedourmeetings our new class. by having the agenda and reports ICD 2019 International Presidentreadilyavailableonanelectronic Dr.BettieMcKaigaddressedourdevice, not to mention saving both Section II Fellows and gave an inspi- costs and trees. T heCanadianSectionofrational speech to all in attendance.Dr. Cliff Swanlund completed his Along with our 2019 class, Honou- termasPastPresident.Wewill the International College ofrary Fellowship was bestowed uponmiss his sage guidance on the Ex-Dentists(SectionII)con- Mr. Lyle Best, while Master Fellow- ecutiveCommittee,butthankfully vened for our Annual Meeting andship was conferred upon Dr. Donnahe will continue as the Membership Convocation on Sept. 12-14, 2019,Brode. Mr. Best has a long historyLiaisonOfficertotheworldwide in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Thisof impressive leadership in both theCollege. The Quebec District VI Re-meetingwasheldinconjunctionprofession of dentistry and the com- gent Dr. Jay McMullen completed withtheCanadianDentalAsso- munity at large, and is a Member ofhis final term as Regent, while Dr. ciationandtheCollegeofDentalthe Order of Canada, our nationsEd OBrien, our effervescent, out-Surgeons of Saskatchewan Annualhighest civilian honour. Dr. Donnagoing District I Regent, was elected Conference. Brode is a a Past President of ourVicePresident.Dr.HeinzScherle KudostoRegistrarGordonCanadian Section, a past ICD Inter- was elected as President Elect.national Councilor, a current Board ThompsonwhocoordinatedanMemberofourcharitablefounda- Registrars Report excellentconvocationinhisfirsttionandregularlyvolunteersherGordon Thompsonyearinthisrole.Theformatwasdentaltalentsondentalmissions changed to allow for our new Fel- worldwide.ThesetwocolleaguesAt the ICD Canada lows to convocate before the din- represent the best ideals of Canada70th AnnualMeet-ner,increasingthefocusonourand our College.inginSaskatoon, incoming colleagues and their pro- Saskatchewan,on fessionalaccomplishments.TheCommittees and Officers Sept.13-14,the convocation was held in the elegantclassof2019had and historic Delta Hotels by MarriottPastSectionPresidentDr.Patti25newFellows. Bessborough,whichwasafittingGrassickchairedourExecutiveItworkedoutvery 1 0 J OURNAL OF THEI NTERNATIONALC OLLEGE OFD ENTISTS'