b'SECTION REPORTSSection VEUROPEThe European Section represents the ICD motto by motivating their Fellows to serve their communities and the dental profession. Presidents GreetingI would like to be able to convey,Registrars ReportGil Alves Alcoforado at our annual meeting as well as inMauro Labancathe following ones, the message of the importance for any dental pro- 64thAnnu-fessional who becomes a Fellow isal Meetingthe need to live up to the ICD motto.As every year, One of my duties as President ismost of the Eu-that I obviously must carefully pre- ropeanSec-pare the annual meeting which, intionsactivities this case and due to the COVID-19arefocused pandemic,hasbeenrescheduledontheorgani-for June 2021. I plan to make usezationofthe ofthatsamemeetingtoexpandAnnualMeetingoftheSection. In 2019, the 64th Annual Meeting BPresidentoftheon this code of conduct. It will be awas held in Thessaloniki, Greece. ecominggreat pleasure to welcome all Fel- The Section V 2018-2019 Presi-European Section of the ICDlows and inductees as well as theirdentDr. ArgiriosPissiotis,along has been one of the biggestfamilies, from many different coun- withhiswifeChristinaandtheir challenges of my life. I have alwaystries, and try to make sure the at- Organizing Committee, put up a felt that becoming a Fellow of themosphere there will be a direct con- wonderful meeting. ICD entailed much more responsibil- tinuation of our motto.ity than honor. A Fellow should feelGuests of honor were the 2019 honoredathavingbeeninductedAnotherdutyasPresidentistoICDInternationalPresidentDr. but should also feel that, from thencarry out the expansion of the Eu- BettieMcKaig,thefirstladyin-on, he or she must work even harderropeanSection.OurSectionhasternationalpresidentinthehis-and better to serve the ICD and theenormouspotentialtogrow.Wetory of ICD, and her distinguished community.TheICDtrademarkisshouldalltryharderinthisareahusband Dr. Ross Vaughan. On verycloselyconnectedtoservingwhile never losing sight of the at- June 5, 2019, the traditional Eu-the community. The ICD has beentributes of excellence of the invitedropean Section Golf Tournament Honoring the Worlds Leading Den- inductees. Lastly, but no less impor- was held at Porto Carras Resort tistssince1920.Ourmottoistant,theEuropeanSectionofthein Chalkidiki. The same evening RecognizingServiceandtheOp- ICD will devote even more energythe Regents Dinner was held at B portunity to Serve. After the Sectionandresources,throughthePhilipRestaurant of the Byzantine Mu-V Induction Ceremony in 1985, I feltDear Foundation, to promoting hu- seum, where Regents, Vice Re-the urge to SERVE in order to bemanitarianworkandmotivatinggents and Past Presidents had a recognized, and I feel this should betheirownFellowstogivebacktochance to socialize.the spirit of every single new Fellowthe community what the dental pro- On the evening of June 6, the after his or her own induction. fession has given to them.16 J OURNAL OF THEI NTERNATIONALC OLLEGE OFD ENTISTS'