b'SECTION REPORTSSection XIVMYANMARICD Section XIV Myanmar strengthens its operations through cross-sectional communications, professional development and service.Presidents Greetingby Dr. Senda, and Prof. Paing Soe,Registrars Report Myo Thant President of Myanmar Dental Coun- Thin Naing Oocil, presented the highest profession-al ethical standard and ICD MyanmarThisisavery Bylaws to all Fellows at the inductionmeaningful year ceremony. I have no doubt it was aforSectionXIV great success. Myanmarbe-This is a clear demonstration of ourcausewehave strengthandendurance.Wehavesuccessfully been demonstrating to the world ourlaunchedthe resiliencyasaSection.WehaveICDCenten-bounced back to success in such anial year with the first ICD Initiation short time, and we have earned re- Ceremony of 2020, in January. This spectfromallofICDinternationalhistoriceventwashonoredbyat-Fellows. tendanceofdistinguishedguests ImyveryspecialhonorIcantexpressenoughgrati- includingInternationalPresident privilegetoserveasthetude to all Fellows for giving us theSenda,InternationalVicePresi-tis anddent Chang, Section XV President PresidentofICDSectionXIVstrength and support to help get usHow, President of Myanmar Dental Myanmarforthesecondyear.back to a Section in good standing.Council Prof. Paing Soe, President OurSections2020convocationWe shall be collaborating in areas ofof Myanmar Dental Association Prof. welcomed 38 new Fellows and wasICD congresses, humanitarian activi- TheinKyuandProf.ShweToeof successfullyconcludedonJan.ties,professionaldevelopmentand 4,2020,attheWyndhamGrandvolunteerism.ThenewgenerationsRectorUniversityofDentalMedi-Yangon Hotel in Yangon, Myanmar. ofdentalprofessionalswillbeourcine, Yangon. future ICD Fellows, and we expect MyanmarSectionhaswillinglytheir organizations to have meaning- Education and Servicelaunched the ICD Centennial Yearful participation in serving others and with the first ICD ceremony of 2020.improving the world. Our global com- ICD Myanmar has been organizing munications will become more impor- theeducationandhumanitarian Wewereprivilegedtohavethetant as we listen and learn to serveactivitiesincollaborationwith ICDInternationalPresidentDr.our Fellows and our global communi- MyanmarDentalAssociationand Akira Senda, the ICD Internationalties. I hope that with your active sup- Myanmar Dental Council under the Vice President Dr. Ho-Youl Changport, the future is definitely bright forumbrellaofMinistryofHealthand andthePresidentofSectionXVthe College.Sports, Myanmar.Dato Dr. How Kim Chuan.We will be looking forward to meet- A Pre-Conference Continuing Pro-An updated ICD Fellowship Ori- ing you all at the ICD Centennial Cer- fessionalDevelopmentProgramof entationProgramwaspresentedemony in Nagoya, Japan. MandalayDentalConferencewas 3 4 J OURNAL OF THEI NTERNATIONALC OLLEGE OFD ENTISTS'