2017 Council Visits Taipei City Thirty-eight Councilors of the International Council collaborated on Nov. 11-12, 2017, in Taiwan for their annual meeting. ICD Section XII Chinese Taipei hosted the Council, providing cultural experiences and opportunities for collegiality. Many important and exciting initiatives resulted from the Council discussions and strategic planning. The first- ever EC Question & Answer session was held, allowing an informal time for Councilors to ask questions and raise points of interest with Executives. The Constitution & Bylaws Committee received approval to begin work on modernizing the College Bylaws and creating Standing Rules. Topics were introduced including the future College Office structure, the reorganization of committees, officer terms and the management of Section XX. The progress of the ICD Antibiotics Awareness Program was reported on, with the announcement of an Antibiotics Awareness video being planned for the year ahead. Financial planning, membership development and communications were reviewed. The Councilors participated in the Section XII Convocation Ceremony and Gala Dinner, where all enjoyed local music and cuisine. 2018 Council Greater New York Meeting The 2018 Annual Meeting of the International Council will be held Nov. 26-27, 2018, in New York City, USA during the Greater New York Dental Meeting (GNYDM) at the Javits Exhibition Center. This will be an occasion for ICD Councilors to mix and mingle with other dentists and leaders from around the world. GNYDM is the largest dental meeting in the USAand is known for the international background of those who attend. While seeing to their duties to oversee the affairs of ICD, Councilors will have the opportunity to participate in continuing education programs or visit the vast exhibit hall of technology products. The College aims to make a big impact on the meeting by encouraging all Fellows to attend. ICD Fellows will also contribute as seminar presenters. New York City at this time of year is an exciting place to visit with its holiday atmosphere, Broadway shows and numerous points of interest. Plan to attend! Collaborating with Honor Societies There are times when ICD is working in collaboration with other organizations that are like us, and it is the right thing to do. However, care must be taken to avoid any unintended conflicts of interest or misunderstandings. This occurs when the public or dental profession becomes confused and thinks all honorary societies are the same, and it doesn’t matter which group a dentist belongs to. Today, young professionals don’t seem as readily attracted to honorary societies as previous generations, and they are less likely to join more than one. Our College needs to constantly communicate its unique nature to attract the brightest and best new Fellows. Projects Map: A Major Breakthrough The new interactive projects map will feature data for all ICD projects, in the form of a user-friendly world map, available on the ICD website.This will be a huge break- through for displaying College projects digitally, and it will allow Fellows to share their projects and even seek vol- unteer opportunities across the globe. Click on the video below to experience this new initiative. https://youtu.be/8QLtTdtxtmE THE COUNCIL THE GLOBE 2018 9