field, and the situation in China and US were introduced respectively. On the other hand, our Fellows also participated in a number of volunteering opportunities in various places of this country, and we are happy to be able to provide people with our assistance and knowledge. PHOTO ALBUM In the morning of April 21, 2017, ICD China organized an interna- tional symposium on dental edu- cation standardization. We invited Professor Karen West, Dean of the Dental School, University of Nevada Las Vegas, and Professor Hua Chengge, from West China School of Stomatology, Sichuan University, as our speakers. Prof. West had introduced how dental ac- creditation works in the US, which is a totally different mechanism from China. And we got to know how the dental schools go through a strict standardized process to get the curriculum accredited by the Com- mission on Dental Accreditation. On the other side, it works in a different way in China. Dr. Hua had lectured on the his- tory and status quo of standardized training for Chinese dentists. Actu- ally, such training works quite well, and we have a better vision of the President’s Greeting Zhou, Xuedong I CD Section XIII has witnessed another fruitful year. The number of ICD Fellows has grown by 37 in 2017, each of whom comes from all around the country, and many of them are professionals at universities and provincial Stomatological associations. Section XIII has made it a routine to have a continuing education session held in conjunction with our annual induction ceremony. As we choose to hold our induction and continuing education session during the West China Dental Exhibition & Expo, we provide a wonderful opportunity for any dentist or dental professional to join us. The 2017 theme was standardization in dental education. We had two speakers to share with us comprehensive knowledge in this Section XIII CHINA The Chinese Section is continuing educational course topics during their annual symposiums to provide better value for Fellows. new dental professionals in China. Such comparison does show us dif- ferent aspects of dental education around the world, and it is therefore possible for us to learn from each other. In recognition of personal contri- butions to the College, ICD Section XIII President Dr. Zhou Xuedong, Section XIII Registrar Dr. Chen Qianming, Section XIII Administra- tive Assistants Mz. Jiang Yan and Dr. Hong Xiao all received a Merito- rious Award from ICD International President Dr. Rajesh Chandna, dur- ing the International Symposium. Induction Ceremony In the afternoon of April 21, ICD Section XIII held its induction ceremony at the international conference center in Chengdu. The Section was honored by the attendance of ICD International President Dr. Rajesh Chandna and Prof. Yu Guangyan, President of Chinese Stomatological Association. Each of them honored the new inductees with a warm and welcoming speech. Altogether, 37 new Fellows were inducted. Like the previous years, the new Fellows came from across the country, and many of them are from dental schools and provincial dental associations. The new in- Dental Education Standardization JOURNAL OF THE INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE OF DENTISTS SECTION REPORTS 5 0