Registrar’s Report Justin J.C. Lee The Korean Section has an annual meeting and induction ceremony in spring and winter. The 2016 Induc- tion Ceremony and Winter Meeting was held at Seoul Club on the 3rd of December. We welcomed six new members, and we enjoyed a classic concert. And moreover, Dr. Kyung Sun Kim was selected as President Elect. 2017 Initiation Ceremony The 2017 Convocation and Induc- tion ceremony was held at Seoul Club on the May 13th. Eleven new members were inducted, and over 70 Korean Section members were in attendance. ICD International President Rajesh Chandna and his wife, and International Council of Japan Section, came together and had a welcome dinner. Awards of Appreciation were presented to the Fellows for contribution of advance- ment of oral health, selfless dedica- tion and service to the College. Workshops and Lectures Korean Section organized a work- shop on “The way of ICD Fellows” on Sept. 28-29, 2016. We had a lively discussion of exchanges with other ICD Sections and dental ser- vices as ICD Fellows. We should always remember the ICD goal and mission. Korean Section usually would have several regular educational meetings about dental academic topics, but also other topics such as humanities, leadership and psychology. We invited Prof. Kim, who is a dentist and professor of Buddhism, to give a lecture called “What is Buddhism” in August, and one of the famous writers talked about a novel regarding a man in October 2016. In January 2017, Prof. Chong Youl Kim, Honorary Professor at Yonsei University and ICD Master Fellow, gave an impressive lecture called “Significance of our role as a dentist”. His goal was to provide the advancement of the profession of dentistry for our Fellows. We in- vited an economist and had a lec- ture about the tendency of global 2018 Officers President: Hwan Ho Yeo President Elect: Kyung Sun Kim Vice Presidents: Yoon Ah Kook Myung Jin Kim Young Guk Park Cheol Ho Paik Jong Gunn Choi Byung Kee Choi Registrar: Jae Cheoun Lee Treasurer: Won Hi Yoo Editor: Dae Hee Lee Contact Information ICD Section XI Korea Dr. Dae Hee Lee Lee Dae Hee Seoul Dental Clinic Sanggye 7-dong 482 Dukyoung B/D 3rd Floor Nowon-gu, Seoul, Korea, 01751 Tel: 5030-952-2-82 financial market in February 2017. In March 2017, Fellow Prof. Park presented on “Understanding Z generation”. In April 2017, four speakers, who were dental volunteers, presented on each case of dental service. CLASS OF 2017 Section XI leadership and inductees during the Convocation. THE GLOBE 2018 SECTION REPORTS 47