Fellow Dr. John Moran and team member, Dr. John Whyte, and their volunteer team, have also recent- ly returned from a very busy two weeks with their Timor Leste Den- tal Program. I’m looking forward to volunteering with South Australian Fellow and Founder of Project Yeti in Nepal in April 2018, and in Timor Leste’ in June 2019. As we pushed for the Globe dead- line, Dr. Petrina Bowden, Fellow Board member and Section VIII Editor, returned from Balibo Timor Leste’ and shortly after was off to Cambodia with her project M’Lop Tapang. M’Lop Tapang provides 2018 Officers President: John Owen AM Vice President: Keith Watkins Past President: David Crum Registrar: Tom Tseng Treasurer: Rick Sawers AM Editor: Petrina Bowden Contact Information ICD Section VIII Australasia Admin. Officer Ron Robinson 10 Bendtree Way Castle Hill, NSW 2154, Australia Tel: 4909 8854 612 Mobile: 848 974 0466 admin@icdsectionviii.org www.icdsectionviii.org Section VIII Facebook shelter for vulnerable and disad- vantaged children in Sihanoukville. It is such a pleasure to see pro- grams not only being developed by many Fellows but also supported by so many other Fellows who readily volunteer to assist. Section VIII is vibrant and con- tinues to grow, with state annual meetings offering more regular con- tact and collegiality. Nominations of highly-valued and qualified col- leagues are regularly forth coming, and I take this opportunity to en- courage all Fellows in all Sections, to nominate and endorse achievers that are worthy of fellowship. INDUCTION HIGHLIGHTS (Above) Fellow Dr. Jonathan Cole of New Zealand (L.) Fellow class of 2017 (Lower L.) 2017 Officers (Below) Cambodia project video https://youtu.be/BGV5xXrTBhM THE GLOBE 2018 SECTION REPORTS 41