CURTAIN GOING UP on the College Centennial celebrations. Click on the video to preview the themes, music and graphics selected for the global Centennial celebrations. You can even glimpse some of the promotional products that will become available to Fellows. Double tap anywhere on the page or click the on-screen icon to enlarge. THE COUNCIL JOURNAL OF THE INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE OF DENTISTS 10 ..and the Finale in Nagoya Nagoya, Japan’s 3rd largest city, will be the venue for the 2020 International Council meeting and the concluding events of the Centennial. In addition to conducting the business of the College during two days of Council meetings, special events are planned to honor this seminal movement not just in the history of the College, but one of the most significant events in the history of dentistry. There will be a truly unique International Induction ceremony with the intention of having inductees present from every ICD Section. A picture-perfect moment, when participants from around the world enter the assembly hall waving their country flags in an Olympic-style event. A spectacular Centennial Gala Banquet will follow the ceremony, which promises to be a never-to-be-forgotten, grand conclusion to the Centennial year. Join Your Colleagues in Fabulous Japan Plans are underway to provide organized travel and touring options from anywhere in the world. Those Fellows and their families who would like to combine participation in the Centennial events (including attending the Council meeting) with touring the wonders of Japan and surrounding areas, should contact the College Office at The College has begun the most ambitious and challenging project ever undertaken in its nearly 100 years of existence. The amazing success story of the ICD that started with two visionary leaders and became the premier international honor society of dentists will be celebrated throughout the world in 2020. Some of lCD’s most experienced leaders have been named to the College Centennial Committee [CCC], which will organize all aspects of the Centennial from events and public relations, to promotions and fundraising. A Worldwide Celebration Under the theme “Celebrating the first 100 years”, every Section, District and Region will be planning events. Each jurisdiction has been assigned at least one or more local Fellows to provide oversight and ensure events planning is proceeding, as well as act as a liaison with the CCC. The possibilities for celebrating our 100-year anniversary are endless. The CCC has accumulated a wealth of resources to help with guidance and recommendations. All worldwide events will be publicized on the College website, which will have a designated area specifically for Centennial updates, information and global photo gallery. “Celebrating the first 100 Years” Dov Sydney College Editor | General Chair, College Centennial Committee