Section XV REPORT Vince Lombardi said, “The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual.” Without the concerted efforts of all involved, the formation of Section XV would not be possible. Challenges of Section XV Section XV consists of 13 countries spreading across a large geographical area in Asia, with diverse cultures, languages and religions. Because of these factors, communications and administration can be a real challenge. We inherited a sizeable number of dormant Fellows, who have ceased to pay subscription dues. Our mis- sion is to reactivate their member- ship over time, to make them active Fellows again. We aim to grow our membership at 20 percent a year in each Region. We target to implement a mem- bership reactivation program to bring back dormant Fellows, so that they may contribute to ICD again. We set up a Membership Liaison Committee tasked to work on ben- efits and privileges of Fellows in Section XV. President’s Greeting Kim Chuan How S ection XV was officially installed and formally chartered as an autonomous ICD Section by President Dr. Rajesh Chandna, President Elect Dr. Clive Ross and Secretary General Dr. John Hinterman on Oct. 7, 2017, during the 4th ICD Section XV Conference in Kuala Lumpur, at the University Technology Malaysia. SectionXVevolvedfromtheSection XX Asia Sector, and is comprised of the following: Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Bangladesh,Brunei, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Pakistan, Hong Kong, Macau and Afghanistan. Section XV was approved by the International Council and is now legally registered in Singapore under the Society Act for International Organization. The newest ICD Section has already set ambitious goals for membership, financial growth and humanitarian care. Through our ICD Global Congress in Macau and Humanitarian project in Madagascar, we hope to inculcate the spirit of volunteerism in ICD. Educational Approach We plan to organize an Annual Section XV Conference and Council meeting. This will offer a continuing education platform and networking opportunities for Fellows, on an annual basis in different countries within Section XV. Each component Region of Section XV is tasked to organize an annual conference to improve fellowship education and networking in their respective Region. Humanitarian Approach We have planned a concerted Section effort on a humanitarian project. In 2018, we plan to collaborate with ICD Diamond Sponsor Modern Dental Group to work on a humanitarian project in Madagascar, and we hope to report more on this project in due time. Achieving Financial Surplus AsanewSection,wehavenofinancial income sources and must explore income from the contributions of Section XV Councilors and Regents, and through subscription dues Membership Approach JOURNAL OF THE INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE OF DENTISTS SECTION REPORTS 5 2