recruit more colleagues to join our mission. We are proud to announce that new Fellows will be joining the first TICD mission in 2018, which will take place on the 22nd of April. The elected TICD Councilors of 2017 will continue to work with the ICD College Office and TICD Fellows to expand the College mission and continue to provide help to those in need. President’s Greeting Ying-Kwei Tseng G reetings and best wishes to all Fellows! November was a memorable month for Section XII (TICD) as Councilors from all over the world gathered in Taipei to attend the 2017 International Council Meeting. As the organizer, TICD had arranged a series of activities including the Welcome Party, Gala Dinner, Taipei City Tour, County Tour, and Farewell Dinner. We hope that all our guests enjoyed their stay in Taipei and will visit us again. Section XII is dedicated to improving the future of indigenous children in Taiwan. These underprivileged children often lack access to basic life necessities. TICD supports these children in numerous ways and works hard to Section XII CHINESE TAIPEI The Chinese Taipei Section held two convocation ceremonies honoring 60 new Fellows and hosted the 2017 International Council Meeting. Registrar’s Report Hsin-Cheng Liu 2017 was a unique year for Section XII Taiwan (TICD) as it celebrated its 40th anniversary, hosted the ICD 2017 International Council Meeting, inducted 60 new Fellows and elected a new 2018-2020 Section XII Board of Councilors. First 2017 Convocation Thirty new Fellows were inducted in the Section’s first induction ceremony, which took place May 14, 2017. Section XII was privileged and honored to have International President Dr. Rajesh Chandna attend the induction ceremony, as well as the President, International Council and Fellows from Section VII Japan. The ICD Korea International Councilor was also present. Hosting International Council International Councilors from ICD Sections all over the world came to Taipei to participate in the ICD 2017 International Council Meeting and activities, with a Welcome Party, the Section XII Induction Ceremony and Gala Dinner, a Farewell Dinner on, and a post-meeting tour. The Welcome Party was held on Nov. 10 in the 346 Live Beer House. Councilors were happy to meet in Taipei since the last meeting in Denver, Colorado, USA. They greeted each other, drank, toasted, chatted and enjoyed the food and live music. Second 2017 Convocation The second 2017 TICD Induction Ceremony was held on Nov. 11, where 30 new Fellows were inducted. After the ceremony, there were music performances and a customary Gala Dinner. Dr. Tadashi Mizutani, ICD Japan President, played the traditional Japanese bamboo flute including musical pieces “Shakuhachi” Yuzuki, “Amazing Grace” and JOURNAL OF THE INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE OF DENTISTS SECTION REPORTS 4 8