Peru Canadian Fellows Ian Doyle, Sandy Whyte and Louise Macleod conducted a humanitarian dental mission in Trujillo, Peru, in March 2017. They were joined by two new Trujillo graduates, who translated for the team and performed some dentistry, as well as support staff and volunteers. The mission was part of a three-year commitment to the Barrio of Libertatore, an underserved area on the city outskirts. The team provided restorative dentistry, cleanings, flouride, screenings, oral surgery and dental education. READ MORE Portugal The President of Portugal visited the Portuguese charity Mundo a Sorrir (A Smiling World) in May 2017 to discuss important oral health care initiatives. The President of Mundo a Sorrir is Miguel Pav√£o, Fellow of Section V Europe, and Fellow Gil Alcoforado is the section Vice President. READ MORE Uganda More than 3,000 patients, mostly children, were provided dental services at the Hope Beyond Borders Health & Wellness Program in Kkona West Village, near Kampala, Uganda. The HOPE B-lit organization, Ugandan Dental Association and Uganda District Health Office coordinated the program, the ICD Global Visionary Fund and Henry Schein Grant Program donated the healthcare products. READ MORE Peru Uganda Portugal IMPACT! JOURNAL OF THE INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE OF DENTISTS 2 4