Tennessee, has built upon the foundation laid by our previous Editor, Dr. Rich Galeone. Our award-winning journal, The Key, is available in both print and digital, and our electronic newsletter, the Key-Mail, was sent to our Fellows seven times in 2017. The Section also engages its Fellows through social media, and an available online subscription to its RSS feed. Our website is fully interactive and features a searchable roster of 6,000 Fellows. Our Foundation has a new President, Dr. Dexter “Deck” Barnes, of Seattle, Washington. Deck succeeds Dr. Ted Roberson, who has done outstanding work during his tenure as President. The ICD USA Section Foundation supports many missions and charities in the USA and around the globe. Financial assistance from the President’s Greeting Joe Kenneally I t is a great thrill to return to my home Section as its 84th President in 2018. Under the stewardship of Past President Dr. Chuck Smith, the USA Sec- tion enjoyed an outstanding year in 2017. I have the pleasure of in- heriting a smoothly-run operation. Section I Registrar, Dr. Elaine Wagner, and her veteran staff meshed seamlessly in their first year together, and the Section’s electronic New Fellow Process has never been easier to use. The ev- er-increasing opportunities for par- ticipation in our numerous projects are helping to engage Fellows and retain them as participants through- out their careers and beyond. Our exceptional Editor, Dr. H. Clifton Simmons, of Nashville, Section I USA The USA Section expanded its online presence through an all-electronic New Fellow Process, searchable roster and increase in social media. Foundation is focused on Education, Communication, Leadership and delivery of dental care to the underserved throughout the world. Our Spring Meeting will be held in Portland,Maine,fromMay15-19,and our Annual Meeting and Convocation will be in Honolulu, Hawaii, from Oct. 16-19. I do not believe there are two American cities further from each other than these two. We are hoping to create diverse, fun events for our participating Fellows. The USA Section is continuing its collaboration with the Academy of Dentistry International in producing and promoting symposia on human- itarian volunteer service programs. I look forward to another strong year for Section I, supported by a wonderful group of Officers, and a hard-working and effective Board of Regents. THE USA SECTION 2017 Board of Regents met to discuss annual business and Section items in Atlanta, Georgia, USA on Oct. 18, 2017. SECTION REPORTS JOURNAL OF THE INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE OF DENTISTS 2 6