Mexico has many poor people, and our goal is to reach those people by providing professional dental care using our knowledge and skills, in conjunction with Li- ons and Rotary clubs and oth- er dental-related associations. We will carry our values as our banner, exalt the leadership, the service, appreciation and the edu- cation. We will promote continuous education, and we will hold the IV Dental Symposium at Monterrey, Nuevo León. We will turn our proj- ects into reality, and we will contrib- ute to making our country, México, to smile with healthier mouths. Past President’s Message Hector Cabañas García After two years of intense activity as President of Section III Mexico, I only have one feeling, that we lacked time to make more and to serve more. But the cycles end, and I believe this cycle comes to a close with great success. On October 22, 2016, I was invited as a special guest to the International Council Meeting in Denver, Colorado, by our International Councilor Dr. Antonio Bello. He considered this invitation President’s Greeting José Angel Sifuentes Sifuentes T o dare is to accomplish a Mission, betting our own existence to serve our ide- als, fighting every day to make a more humane and wonderful world. InNovember2017,Ihadthehonor of beginning my functions as Presi- dent of the International College of Dentists (ICD) Section III México for the 2017-2019 period, succeeding Dr. Héctor Luis Cabañas García. In the next two years, we will strengthen the bonds of friend- ship between Fellows, diffusing the activities realized by the dif- ferent regencies making use of different official networks of the College. We will work to make the biggest participation in humanitar- ian service of our Section’s history. Section III MEXICO The Mexican Section is actively improving the oral health care of their underdeveloped communities. very important for our Section’s management, by becoming aware of all international activity the College has, as well as to know and coexist with the individuals that lead our international management. I hope this invitation can set a precedent for future presidents, which is a necessary learning activity of how our College works. Southern Regency On March 31, 2017, our third bi- annual ICD seminar was held in Mérida, Yucatán, with the partici- pation of speakers of extraordinary academic level from ICD Fellows. Led by Southern Regency leader- ship, Dr. Rolando Peniche, it was a success with an attendance of more than 500. This seminar was attended by Fellows from all over the Mexican Republic, resulting in the strengthening of professional and social ties among the College community of Section III. As part of this event, we inaugurated the “IN HOUTOCH” Health Center joining efforts from ICD with the Anáhuac Mayab University, where the popu- lation of Chablekal and other mar- ginalized Mayan communities of the region are now receiving dental care and other medical services. For over five years, the South Regency has continued with JOURNAL OF THE INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE OF DENTISTS SECTION REPORTS 3 0