privileged ICD group must re- main at the forefront of our inter- ests and to serve that purpose, we need to keep it well alive. Our meeting this year was one- of-a-kind with the theme: Infection control in the dental settings and antibiotic stewardship. It was in line with our objective to raise the stan- dards of our daily practice that will inevitably reflect on the services we provide to our patients. We need to realize that our prescriptions of an- tibiotics are often not based on sci- ence. Preventing infection and cross contamination is also critical, and we were very happy to update our Fellows on the latest in infection control, thanks to the contribution of the ICD Global Visionary Fund. Our meeting in District 2 will focus on dental science and will allow Fellows to share their expertise to the greatest benefit of our patients. From the Vice President Nadim AbouJaoude The countries of the Middle East Section are making the news these days, but both Districts 1 and 2 were able to organize scientific and awareness activities. President’s Greeting Georges Tawil T he ICD Middle East Section set two objectives for the 2017 year. First, foster the relationship among Fellows and encourage social and scientific interactions; and second, invest time and energy to raise the standards of care in our community. Our social networking has been very active, and many Fellows find it a way to convey their opinions on local or global issues or more simply, add a little note to put a smile on a face. The Section benefited from daily exchanges that injected life in its veins and kept it alive. Many affiliations and our busy, professional, personal and so- cial lives set us aside from some of the groups we belong to that, for many, become dormant. The Section X MIDDLE EAST The Middle East Section ended the year with an important Dental Safety and Antibiotic Awareness program. District 1 organized in Beirut, Lebanon, on March 2, 2017, a study club meeting under the title “Sinus Grafting”, where three speakers covered the subject from all aspects. Dr. Ronald Youness discussed the lateral sinus lift, Dr. Nabih Nader detailed the crestal approach and Fellow Antoine Berberi covered a new approach and innovation in the sinus lift. PHOTO GALLERY The April 1, 2017, visit to the Lebanese National Museum was an occasion for social fellowship. Our ICD group had a guided tour of the relics and rare antiquities on display. The National Museum has a unique collection of sarcophagi that are very well preserved and were recently added to the display. PHOTO GALLERY The humanitarian project initi- ated by Section President Tawil is providing care to a number of medi- cally and functionally compromised patients. The Section decided to devote 30 percent of its net yearly income to humanitarian activities. Last year’s goal was to provide 25 complete sets of dentures and continue with basic dental care. On February 4, 2017, President Tawil writing on the Section’s Whats- App group said “Caring fills the hearts of these severely compro- mised patients with great feelings.” PHOTO GALLERY JOURNAL OF THE INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE OF DENTISTS SECTION REPORTS 4 4