b'2021THE No. 2SECTION REPORTSJ OURNAL OF THEI NTERNATIONALC OLLEGE OFD ENTISTSEDITOR-IN-CHIEF S. Dov Sydney Relying on innovation and ingenuity, Sections office@icd.orgbrilliantly carried out the College mission.SECTION ASSOCIATE EDITORSSection I USA |Richard F. Roadcap This second issue of the 2021 Globe highlights the unexpected Section II Canada |J. Brian Clark quantityandvarietyofSectionsactivitiesduringthemost Section III Mexico |Federico Perez Diez challenging of times in the Colleges 100-year history.Section V Europe |Nairn WilsonSection VI India, Sri Lanka, Nepal |S.M. BalajiNo one predicted COVIDs roller-coaster trajectory. Lockdowns Section VII Japan |Yoshinobu Imamura followed by openings, then a return to lockdowns and re-openings, Section VIII Australasia |Jenny Ball mask-wearing/notwearing,vaccinations,boosters,childrenin Section IX Philippines |Vivian Gabaldon andoutofschools,constantlyshiftingtravelrestrictions,and Section X Middle East |Ramzi Haddad the list goes on and on. As barriers were identified, Sections, Section XI Korea |Eui Bin Im fortified by herculean efforts, managed to succeed in carrying Section XII Chinese Taipei |Hsin-Cheng Liu outthemissionoftheCollege.Manyhumanitarianprograms Section XIII China |Hu, Tao refocused their activities on the desperate needs emanating from Section XIV Myanmar |Myat Nyan the pandemic. The 3.6 million dollars of PPE from Henry Schein Section XV |Nauman Khan Cares was a magnificent donation, which continues to provide Section XX |Joseph R. Kenneally critical support in sustaining our worldwide relief efforts. WhilesomeSectionsheldin-personorhybridevents,others EDITORIAL ASSISTANTS maximizedlivegroupvideosfortotallyvirtualcentennial Emily Hayes celebrations,inductionceremonies,aswellascommittee Chelsea Segren and board meetings. In the true spirit of the College,Sections LAYOUT AND GRAPHIC ARTSgenerouslysharedtheirmethodologyandreasoningfor combiningout-of-the-boxthinkingwiththeever-increasing Yonit Goldman-Nir utilization of electronic media. Such activities were so impactful OFFICERS OF THE COLLEGE that they led to the replacement or modification of many of our President Akira Senda former, seemingly indispensable, modus operandi for conducting President Elect Richard Smith the affairs of the College. Vice President Ho Youl Chang So, hats off to the Sections for pioneering novel solutions that will Treasurer Keith Suchy likely transform into reliable management and operational ICD Editor S. Dov Sydney models for the post-pandemic era.Past President Clive RossOperations Center615 S. Saginaw St., Suite 3008Flint, Michigan48502 USA S. Dov Sydney DDS, MICDPhone: +1 810-820-3087 Email: office@icd.orgWebsite: www.icd.org Editor-in-Chief4 J OURNAL OF THEI NTERNATIONALC OLLEGE OFD ENTISTS'