b'SECTION REPORTSSection XIICHINESE TAIPEIThe Chinese Taipei Section has continued humanitarian services to children and the elderly safely throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.Presidents GreetingPast Registrars Reportbeaproblemwhenthechildren Ying-Kwei Tseng Hsin-Cheng Liu are in school. However, when the schools are closed during the sum-mer and winter vacations, parents must leave their children at home without supervision, and this could create a huge problem. This is why the local church offers programs for the children and youth in order to help the family to look after them during the daytime and help keep themawayfromdrugsandvio-On July 19, 2020, TICD, again inlence. partnershipwithRotaryClubofTherefore,SectionXIIcameto Taipei Chengpei, gave a community the rescue again and seized the op-G reetingsandbestwishesoral service to the students and theportunity to team up with the church residents in the WanHwa District.for all Fellows! ICD SectionWanHwaDistrictisoneoftheand the Rotary Club to offer dental XII Chinese Taipei (TICD)oldestdistrictsinTaipeiCityandhygienelessonsandoralcheck-has been performing progressivelycarriesanunfavorableeconomicups for students and youth of this for the past year. One humanitarianstatusincomparisonwithotherdistrict. More than 50 children and missiontogiveoralhygienedistricts. Typically in a Taiwanesesome of the elderly residents came education was performed in Taipeifamily, both parents must work totothedentalandoralhygienein-onJuly19,2020. The TICDNewearn their living with two incomesstructional program. FellowInductionCeremonywasto feed their children. This may notThankstoSectionXIIPresident held on Nov. 8, 2020, successfully. Dr. James and all the TICD Fellows Thank you all!We look forward towho set aside their busy schedules seeing you soon in Taiwan, with theto be involved in this program.hopesthattheCoronaviruspan-demic will soon be resolved. 2020 ConvocationThe2020InductionCeremonyof theTaiwanSectionwasheldon Nov. 8, 2020, in Taipei City.A TOAST IS GIVENto the FellowsFour new Fellows were inducted and guests before the Gala dinner by Section XII President Tseng (L) andintotheCollegelastyear. Thein-Councilor Lin . duction commenced with TICD Fel-2 8 J OURNAL OF THEI NTERNATIONALC OLLEGE OFD ENTISTS'