b',SECTION REPORTSSection VEUROPEThe European Section has relied on virtual meetings to conduct business and communications across Europe during the pandemic.Presidents Greetingcame very apparent. Registrars ReportGil Alves Alcoforado During my induction as PresidentMauro Labancain Thessaloniki, many family mem-ories came alive. Having been Re- Section V held its winter Board of gent for Portugal for several years,Regents (BOR) Meeting in Mila-Iwasanxiousandreadytowel- no, Italy, on Oct. 26, 2019. At that come Section V to Porto the follow- time, nobody could imagine what ing year. Thanks to the help of mywasgoingtohappenin2020. belovedwife AnaandoneofmyThe College was preparing for the daughters Mariana, my Deputy Re- Centennial celebration in Nagoya, gent Miguel Pavo and many oth- Japan, and Section V decided to ers, all the necessary preparationshave its 2020 winter Board of Re-gents Meeting in Japan to support Mstatesofmindandhad been made to host the Annualthe Centennial. inPorto,Por-anyMeeting in Porto in June 2020.adjectives may be used toInMarch2020,COVID-19es- In December 2019, registration describe the last two yearscalated rapidly across Europe andopened for the Section V 65th An-as President of Section V Europe:the world, necessitating the difficultniversaryMeeting empowered,anxious,uncertain,decision to postpone the meetingtugal.PresidentAlcoforadowas frustration,desperationandfearsuntil June 2021. We were confidentpreparingtohostFellowsand and hopes for the future. thatbyJune2021,thingswouldinducteesfromalloverEurope WhenIwasinductedasPresi- have calmed down. Well, that didin June. Early in 2020, the BOR dent, it was one of the best daysnot happen. In the autumn of 2020,votedunanimouslytonominate of my professional life. When I wasthe pandemic was still very muchthe Sections Imm. Past-President six years old, I remember with greatalive.ByDecember,theBoardArgirios Pissiotis for ICD Interna-clarity going to my first ICD meetingpostponedthePortomeetingtotional Vice President. in Florence with my parents. Having2022. a father who almost missed my birthIcanonlypraythatthepan- Impacts of COVID-19to become one of the first three Fel-lows of the future European Sectiondemicendssoon,allowingustoBy the beginning of March 2020, in 1955 made me aware of the im- returntoournormallives.Iwillthe first COVID-19 clouds gath-portance the College could have onlook forward to welcoming all theeredovertheEuropeanskies onesprofessionallife.Obviously,Fellows who make the trip to Portowith the outbreak of the pandem-I did not grasp that importance soto attend the Section V 2022 An- ic in several countries. The pan-early in life. But when accompany- nualMeeting.Iwilldomyverydemicquicklytookholdacross ing my father to ICD meetings asbest to make sure that the meetingEurope running out of control, re-an adolescent, that importance be- inPortowillbetrulymemorable. 14 J OURNAL OF THEI NTERNATIONALC OLLEGE OFD ENTISTS'