b'SECTION REPORTSSection IXPHILIPPINESTyphoon Relief OperationTyphoons Rolly and Ulysses came one after the other last November. Townsandprovincesweresub-merged under floodwaters for days and left without food, water and elec-2020 ACTIVITIES(L) Secretary de Villa participates in a Section projecttricity. Section IX immediately raised performing 100 cleft lip and pallate procedures in January 2020. (R) Sleepingfunds.Overwhelmingsupportfrom mats, blankets and towels were donated from ICD Philippines for typhoontheFellowspouredindespitethe relief efforts in November 2020. personalstrugglesandchallenges brought by the pandemic. Logistics VID-19. The goal was to assist theManaging Dental Consults During thefor the relief goods were through the ICDGawadKalingacommunityEnhancedCommunityQuarantinecourtesy of the office of the Section with sacks of rice and food dona- Period, was timely and appreciated.IX Vice-President Leni Robredo, the tions during the lockdown period. Four Fellows shared their expertisePhilippine Dental Association Presi-on different fields of specialty. dent Alvin Laxamana, and St. Lukes Communityleadersproudlyre- ScreeningforAsymptomaticMedical Center.portedtheyhaveexpandedandSARS-COV2Infection:WhatWe havebeenpracticingsustainableNeed to Know was our topic for the farmingmethodsinthevegetableSecondQuarterlyWebinar.Itwas and fruit plant farm that we startedviewed by almost 4,000 dentists all2021 Officersas a livelihood project in 2019. over the country through a partner- President: Ma. Victoria S. PangilinanSectionIXcontinuouslyseeksship with the Philippine Dental As- President Elect: Fidel S. Bondocopportunitiestohelpbuildhomessociation. Vice President: Maria Sheryl Villareal-and dreams for the families in theOurThirdQuarterlyWebinar,BorjaICD-GK Village. We are grateful forMoneyandMindsetMakeover;Secretary: Mercedes Glendora De VillathesupportofFellowsandbene- IntegratingFinancialandMentalTreasurer: Gladys Tong-Sofactors who helped raise the fundsWellness, was held in October. Editor: Vivian Gabaldonneeded to build the next five hous- Past President: Preciosa L. Tanagones. This will include a special com- Auditor: Ma. Carmen Aurea S. Elepaomemorative house to be named theOnline Teaching Forum Directors: Iluminada I. ViloriaICD Centennial Home. The ground- Apolonia S. Tanbonliongbreaking ceremony took place lastThis program was created to sharePRO: Walter U. SySeptember. Photo Gallery best practices among Fellow edu-cators and faculty members. It wasContact InformationdoneintwopartsasasteppingICD Section IX PhilippinesQuarterly Webinars stoneforevidence-baseddentalUnit 407 Wedgewood EstatesTheFirstQuarterlyWebinarwaseducation research that will spear- 9 Eymard Drive, Barangay Kristong Harihead an ICD core group of dentalQuezon City, Philippines 1102heldvirtuallyon Apr. 21, 2020. Iteducators. This program hopes tomvspangilinan@yahoo.comwas a privilege to be one of the firstdrawinterestfromotherSectionsSection IX Facebookdental organizations to hold an onlineto collaborate towards the develop-seminar.Thetopic,Guidelinesforment of better dentists in the future. THE GLOBE2021No. 2 2 3'