b'SECTION REPORTSSection IXPHILIPPINESThe Philippines Fellows have proactively endured the pandemic through innovation, creativity, collaboration and resourcefulness.Presidents GreetingOver time, we expect progress inresources to help uplift the situation Maria Victoria S. Pangilinan the coming months as we continueindifferentcommunities.Theser-to face new challenges in the future.vices and projects adjusted to the Althoughthe new normal has be- changes dictated by the pandemic gun in our daily lives, I strongly be- and opened limitless possibilities of lieve that together, we will all prevailopportunities to serve amidst very over the present difficulties. I lookchallenging times.forward to the coming months, an- Section IX continued to conduct ticipatingtheunwaveringcommit- businessmeetingsandseminars ment and dedication in our heartsvirtually.Asquarantinemeasures as we face the next 100 years of theeased,weendedtheyearwitha College. virtual Christmas gathering that had fun games and prizes and allowed 2020 - A Year in Review selected Fellows to share gratitude IafortunatetopresideasAwakening Hearts to Serve was anstoriesonhowtheysurvivedthe amappropriate theme as we commem- COVIDinfection,aswellashow PresidentofICDPhilippinesorated our 53rd Annual Convocationtheyovercamefinancialandper-forsecond term in 2021. Theand Banquet on Jan. 26. The goalsonal crises and professional chal-uncertainty of the past year createdwastocommitourselvesthroughlenges during the pandemic. It was the need to resort to our own abilityservice and to continue in our pur- an inspiring experience to hear their andresourcefulnesstoensuresuit to raise the standards of educa- journeysandtogethercelebrate that our Section can proceed andtion and community care. The eventtheir triumphs over trials.functionasplanned.Thiswasawas graced by the honorable Sena- In the face of COVID-19, the cre-taskthatneededthefullsupporttor Francis N. Pangilinan as keynoteative minds, innovations, resource-and dedication of our Fellows andspeaker and inducting officer. fulness and the proactive respons-an unfailing determination to moveThe newly-inducted officers gath- esofSectionIXFellowsmadeit forward. I look at the past year withered for their first board meeting ineasiertoadapttothechanging a full heart and sincere gratitude. February. The monthly projects fortimes.Thisisanaccomplishment We opened the new year with athe ICD Centennial Year Calendarwe will always be proud of in the virtual Annual Assembly in Januarywere already underway. Then CO- midst of celebrating ICDs first 100 andhadasguestspeaker,moti- VID-19hithardcreatingaglobalyears. Watch Centennial videovational and leadership coach, Mr.pandemic. The extreme quarantine ArdyAbello.Co-Lab:Leadershipmeasuresdisruptedourprofes- ICD Gawad Kalingain Changing Times was an appro- sional and personal lives but did not priate topic to equip us to be betterput a halt on achieving our goals.WelaunchedaprojectinAugust leaders and to enable us to be ofThecrisismovedFellowstogivecalled ICD Pantawid Covid, which greater service to others. more of themselves and use theirmeans making it through the CO-2 2 J OURNAL OF THEI NTERNATIONALC OLLEGE OFD ENTISTS'