b'SECTION REPORTSSection I IIMEXICODespite hardships, Section III Fellows have found a way to provide humanitarian services to people who need it most throughout Mexico.Presidents Greetingaboutremainingunited,willingtohadtheirDentalmeetingwitha Roberto A. Wuotto Daz Ceballos serve those who need it the most.CauseatUniversidadAutnoma My best wishes to you all, remain- de Baja California (UABC), Tijuana. ing sure that our projects will be ful- This was our last program with lec-filled soon. turersDr.GeorginaCarabarnG. on Digital Smile Design, Dr. Dan-ielCerrilloonConventionaland Mexico City Regency Digital Orthodontics and Dr. Efrain Dr. Cynthia Navarro and other vol- PatioonMedicalemergencies unteers worked hard in diagnostic,in Dentistry. The ICD has made a preventiveandrestorativecareofgreat partnership with the Faculty 150 children from the Instituto Pa- of Dentistry UABC.tria for low income families in LosFees were used to buy Personal Reyes. Because of the sanitary cri- Protection Equipment (PPE), which D earFellows,westartedasis, the campaign had to be stoppedweredonatedtoover500health new year, which brings usbut will resume once it is safe again. workersonMay9tohelpthem manyexpectationsandatInMay,Mexicanpeoplewereworksafelyduringthepandemic. thesametime,uncertainty.LaststruckbytheensuingeconomicThis work was done in conjunction year left us many good lessons butcrisis. Many families lost their onlywith Baja Health Cluster. Tthe Red also great sorrow from the pandem- source of income. The regency re- Cross,GeneralHospital,ISSTE ic consequences. sponded by donating 100 packagesand IMSS hospitals from Baja re-offoodsuppliestotheChurchofceived these donations.Despite the difficulties, our Sec- San Benito to help feed the commu- InOctoberinCd.Juarez,190 tion III Mexico regencies did a greatnity of Vista Hermosa in Naucalpan,patients received dental treatments deal of humanitarian work, and ev- Mxico State. at Soles de Anapra by Fellows, col-erybody at our Section is very proudlegedentalsurgeonsCd.Juarez, of being able to serve the needy. This regency held two virtual lec- Juarezs Rotary and School of Den-We hope this year will be differ- tures, widely seen by ICD Fellows. tistry, Universidad Cd. Juarez.ent, that the danger will pass andOnMay27,PersonalFinances that we can be able to reintegrateduringquarantinelockdownwas into our humanitarian work in per- presentedbyDr.JacoboBraun,Northeastern Regencyson, as well as engage in our scien- and on June 3, Proper Business di-tific and social events. It has beenrections for the New normality wasOur Northeast Regency had impor-ayearofreflectionandlearning,presented by Dr. Gabriel Asulin. tant humanitarian activities in 2020.while distancing made us communi-On June 6 at Casa Hogar Amor cate by electronic means, but mostNorthwest Regency yEsperanza,geriatricresidents importantly,ourfeelingspersistedOnMarch12,2020,thisregencyreceivedadonationofclothes, 1 0 J OURNAL OF THEI NTERNATIONALC OLLEGE OFD ENTISTS'