b'SECTION REPORTSGadola,stressingtheimportanceby plaque control and prophylaxis.knowledge and learning of Fellows.oftheacademicupdatingofICDAt the end, a brushing kit is givenOn May 16, 2020, a virtual day members,withactivitiessuchastothemasanincentivetooralwas held with Fellow Juan Carlos this, which are in the interest of thehealth. Aftertheexams,childrenZarate, who informed us about the whole community.whoneedrestorativetreatmentattention after COVID. The district In addition to this activity, the Para- are programmed with the studentsalsojoinedtheinternationalcon-guayan and Colombian districts wereand teachers.gress virtual on Oct. 29-31 and y sponsorsofacademicactivitiesinNov. 1-3, 2020.theirrespectivecountries,incom- Chile Districtmemoration of the ICD Centennial. FacialshieldswerecontributedUruguay DistricttoFamilyHealthCentersbyden- Thedistricthadanextremely Regents Meeting tal students from the University ofchallenging 2020. At the beginning Chile in different communes. In ad- of the pandemic, much emphasis In September of 2020, the Annualdition, the district actively participat- wasplacedonmaintaining Meeting of Regents was held virtu- ed in the third Section IV Centennialmembership,strengtheningthe ally with all Section leadership. Re- Congress. senseofunity.Wemaintained ports of each country were given,socialcommunicationthrough andCOVID-19anditsimpactonWhatsAppwithallFellowsand societywasdiscussed,notonlyColombia District interactedinacademicmeetings fromthehealthpointofview,butIn2020,thedistrictsuspendedvirtually.Thedistrictalso alsofromaneconomicandpsy- itsactivitiesinsocialterritories,participated in the 3rd International chologicalpointsofview.ThereconcentratingitseffortsontheCongress of Section IV. have been cases of resigning Fel- training of human talent, holding aUruguay District fervently wish-lows,especiallyinlargecountrieswebinar on policies and actions ines to be able to return to the new likeBrazil,whichhavebeenthepublichealthinalliancewiththenormalcy and to be able to give ones who have endured the great- Colombian College of Gerontologyeach other a strong embrace, in est weight of the pandemic. It wasin December. The district continuesorder to gain even more loyalty to resolvedtorequesthelpfromthestrengthening the training. the Fellows.ICD Executive Committee in order to help us gain the Fellows loyalty. The regents are working on the2021 Officersconstruction of a proposal that al- President: Ruben Di Tore Brazil District lows harmonizing the objectives ofVice President:Raul Vera Lubary theICDwiththenewchallengesPast President: Alex Otani This year, the district intends to con- of the globalized world in two mainPast Vice President: Pericles Correa tinue dental care aimed at children,themes:useofTICandinterna- de Freitas with an assistance entity (Casa Lar).tionalizationthroughaprocessofRegistrar:Elena Kavaliauskis Casa Nossa Senhora das Graasco-creation with the regents of theTreasurer: Richard Jaureguyhas been operating since 2014, of- other districts. Historian:Paulo Affonso de Freitasfering full assistance and protection to children referred by the tutelaryParaguay District Contact Informationcouncilorthecourtchildhood,inICD Section IVsituations of neglect or abuse. WithIn2020,followingthecountrysRegistrar Elena Kavaliauskis the support of senior students fromhealth protocol, the district carriedUruguaytheUniversidadePaulista,clinicaloutvirtualactivitiesinorderPhone: 2 601-8423 examinations are provided followedtocontinuetoincentivizetheelena.kavaliauskis@gmail.comTHE GLOBE2021No. 2 13'