b'SECTION REPORTSFREE EXAMINATIONS AND CONSULTATIONSwere provided to over 10,000 civilians by 22 Section XIII Fellows and other medical volunteers during an oral health activity conducted on Sept. 27, 2020, celebrating the anniversary of Sichuan University and the establishment of the West China Medical Center. (R) Section XIII Treasurer Ye Ling examines a patient with a portable light source.2021 OfficersfreeconsultationservicestoRecruitment Process President: Zhou, Xuedongapproximatley 10,000 civilians. TheRegistrar: Chen, QianmingexaminationsweredoneintentsTheSecretariatofSectionXIIITreasurer: Ye, Lingdue to the rainy weather. The wholeinitiated a search for new FellowsEditor: Hu, TaoHistorians: Zhang, Zhenkangsiteoccupiedahugestadium,thatbeganinNovemberof2020.Qiu, Weiliuwhich equaled a standard footballRecommendations were requestedContact Informationfield. What made this event specialfromtheChineseStomatologicalICD Section XIII ChinawastheshadowingbackgroundAssociation,theprovincialdentalAdmin. Assistant Dr. Hong, XiaoofCOVID-19,whichhasheavilysocietiesandrenowneddentalWest China School and Hospital of impacted the globe. As a precautionhighereducationinstitutions.InStomatology, Sichuan Universitymeasure,everycivilianwaslightofthemanagedsituationofNo. 14, Section 3required to pre-register and get theirthepandemicinChina,SectionRenMinNan Lu consultation time window confirmedXIII held its annual 2021 inductionChengdu, 610041, China beforetheyshowedthemselvesceremony as usual in April, whichTel: 86-28-85502415inperson.Notunexpectedly,theconsistedofajointmeetingthatFax: 86-28-85582167whole flow was extremely smoothbestowedFellowshiptoFellows- cicd@scu.edu.cnand everything was kept in order.elect of both 2020 and 2021.THE GLOBE2021No. 2 3 1'