b'SECTION REPORTSSection VIIJAPANThe Japanese Section has provided new online programming for inductees and Fellows during the worldwide pandemic.Presidents Greetingthe COVID-19 pandemic.The Annual Meeting was held with Motoko Suda In the Spring of 2020, the Japantheattendanceof146Fellowsin-Section canceled the Annual Meetingcluding those who submitted a letter and Induction Ceremony for new Fel- of proxy. After making the ICD ac-lows, one of our three annual majortivity report and International Coun-meetings. In addition, special lecturescilors report, the agendas were also and a reception party to be held at theapproved, while all attendees wore DecemberYear-endMeetingwerea face mask during the meeting. At changed from their original plans andthe meeting, the election to select were held as an event called Meet- new board members was also held ing with the New President and Newdue to the expiration of their terms, Fellows, on a smaller scale. The Win- and the appointment of a new Presi-ter Scientific Meeting scheduled fordent, Motoko Suda, and other board March2021hasbeenheldonlinemembers has been approved. Sub-and the lectures were delivered live.sequently, new President Suda took T hespreadofnovelWe will continue to take all neces- over responsibility from the former coronavirusinfectionisstillsarymeasurestopreventinfectionPresident,Dr.Miyazaki,andthe wreakinghavocaroundtheand make efforts to steadily advancenewboardmemberswereintro-world.TheTokyoOlympicandour mission. duced.ParalympicGames,whichwere supposed to be held in 2020, wereAnnual Meeting & InductionWinter Scientific Meetingpostponedto2021.InJapan,The63rd AnnualMeetingandIn- TheWinterScientificMeeting newdailyroutinesforpreventingduction Ceremony took place in awas scheduled for March 8, 2020, infectionwereintroduced,whichreduced format on Saturday, June 6,but was also canceled due to the dramaticallychangedthewayof2020, at the Hotel Metropolitan Ed-our social activities such as workingmont in Tokyo. Unfortunately, mostnovelcoronavirusinfection.It remotelyandattendingmeetingsevents, such as the Asian Sectionwas very unfortunate because the online. exchangemeetingwithoverseasmeetingwassupposedtohave Undersuchcircumstances,theguests, new Fellow orientation, in- fourprofessorsgivelectureson InternationalCollegeofDentistsduction ceremony, special lectures,Celebrating the 100th Anniversary markeditsCentennialanniver- musicperformanceandreceptionof the ICDLooking back on the sary. ICD Centennial events wereparty, were canceled to prevent theprevious history and forward to the scheduledtobeheldinNagoyaspreadofnovelcoronavirusinfec- next 100 years. in November 2020. However, theytion,andonlythe AnnualMeetingThelectureabstractswere were eventually canceled, very un- was held. The party, which is held fortunately, after having been post- every year on the eve of the AnnualpublishedintheJournalofICD poned to September 2021 due toMeeting, was also canceled. Japan Section, Vol. 51, Issue 1.18 J OURNAL OF THEI NTERNATIONALC OLLEGE OFD ENTISTS'