b'SECTION REPORTSSection XIKOREAThe Korean Section is strengthening relations between Fellows through international academic and interpersonal exchanges.Presidents Greetingtigious gathering consisting of pro- ternational academic and interper-Moonsung Jang fessors who have shown outstand- sonal exchange.ing academic achievement as wellLastly,weaimtotransformthe as dentists who play a pivotal roleICD Korea Section into a legal en-inlocaldentalcommunitiesandtityornon-profitorganizationthis academic institutions and take ini- year. This will enable the ICD Korea tiative for local neighbors in need.Section to firmly take root as a le-As such, all members are granted with an honorary degree by beinggitimate entity to expand proactive named a Fellow of the Internationalvolunteer activities and scholarship College of Dentists (F.I.C.D.) whenprograms. I will do my best endeav-they are certified as a new memberor to bear fruit based on all the sup-as they are recognized for their con- port from advisors and members.tributions. Section XIs Annual Meeting was T heKoreaSectionofthePlans for Engagement sub- held on May 31, 2020, in Seoul. At InternationalCollegeofIplantoinspireavarietyofthis event, leadership was officially Dentistshasundergonegroupsandlocalgatheringstochanged over. New Section Presi-dramatic transformation since 1986,boost intimacy and strengthen inter- dent Dr. Moonsung Jang and Pres-whenitbecameanindependentpersonal relationships among mem- ident-ElectByungKeeChoiwere institution, thanks to the endeavorsbers during my tenure. I will striveconfirmed by Section XI leaders. and dedication of all of the membersalong with other directors to standThe 16th and 17th Council Mem-who have driven the growth of theup regional branches to expand thebers meetings were held last year domestic dental industry since then.national network by building on the The Section also hosted the Inter- JeonamGwangjuregionalbranchfor Section XI Councilors, as well nationalCouncilMeetingin1997.which has already been activated. as a senior advisory meeting to dis-AneventtocongratulatetheMultiple programs are currently be- cusspendingissuesthatKorean 100thanniversaryoftheICD,ing developed and reviewed to re- dentistry leaders are facing in the whichwasplannedtobeheldininforcesolidarityamongmembersmidst of the pandemic. November2020inNagoya,Ja- while sustaining existing programsAcharitygolftournamenttook pan,hasbeencanceledtotaketoincludehumanitylecturesandplace to promote Fellowship among placethisyearduetoCOVID-19. music concerts.members of Section XI, as well as TheICDKoreaSectioncongratu- We plan to expand exchange withraise scholarship funds for Mongo-latestheICDs100thanniversaryother countries to include Mongolialian schoolchildren. The event also and will try to do our best to sup-porttheworldICDheadquarters.tobealignedwiththespiritofitspromoted ICDs Centennial with the The ICD Korea Section is a pres- foundation, which is to promote in- display of the Centennial logo.2 6 J OURNAL OF THEI NTERNATIONALC OLLEGE OFD ENTISTS'