b'SECTION REPORTSSection XVICD Section XV aims to improve recruitment efforts through a young members initiative, increased online engagement and mentorship.Presidents Greetingprovided online CPD seminars ev- mendous potentials to the ICD.Kim Chuan How ery fortnight since July 2020, orga- Section XV Editor, Prof. Dr. Nau-nized by our Education Committeeman Rauf Khan has produced two under the leadership of Prof. Datoe-newslettersperyearandalso Mohamed Ibrahim Abu Hassan. submits materials for this journal of The power in helping each otherthe College.duringCOVID-19isfundamental. Under the leadership of Chairlady Asst. Prof. Dr. Tammy D. DuangthipVice Presidents Note we have donated Personal Protec- Arshad MaliktiveEquipment(PPE)toPakistan andBangladeshincollaborationLast year, ICD Section XV made a with the College and the support ofdifferenceandcreatedawareness HenrySchein.Wealsoorganized onagrandscale,aswellasac-SXViscomprisedoffreedentaltreatmentsinBangla- knowledgedtheissuesrelatedto ectiondesh, Malaysia, Vietnam and Thai-13countriesacrossAsia.land between 2019 and 2020, be- oralhealthforfuturebetterment, TheSectionisregisteredfore the onset of the pandemic. whilekeepingtheCOVID-19con-inSingaporeasRegionalsequencesinmind.Thisincluded HeadquarterswiththeRegistrythe region-wide activities like CME ofSocietyofSingaporeNo:Recruitment Efforts programs, webinars, providing PPE T17SSO184F. Our Secretariat is runOur dreams must continue, despitetoFellowsandawarenesspro-byvolunteers,namelyMissChuathepandemic.TheSectionXVgramsforthegeneralpublic. The WenWenastheAdministrativeCredentialCommitteecontinuescredit goes to President How and Manager, as well as Dr. David Tantoreceiveapplicationsforfellow- the team, including Dr. John Ling, astheYouthDivisionChairman,shipandhasapprovedsomeofDr.MonicaDewi,WenWenand and aided by Dr. Chin Wen Shenthembasedonstringentcriteria.youngDavidfortheiroutstanding and Dr. Khalisyah Che Hashim. TheCredentialCommitteehasdevotions. This year, ICD Pakistan Wehavesignificantlygrowninalsostandardizedthefellowshipwilltakeinitiativestoreduceob-the number of new members overadmission criteria. staclesonthepathoforalhealth the past years. As of 2020, SectionTheYouthDivisionhasinitiatedpromotion.TheycelebratedWorld XV has a total of 962 Fellows and aactive Facebook and Instagram en- Oral Health Day on a grand scale total of 28 youth members. gagementswithmorethan3,600with great zeal in collaboration with followers worldwide. Young profes- different dental institutes. For that, The year 2020 tested us beyondsionals in the industry represent aI am thankful to Section XV Editor measure. The worldwide pandemicvast pool of potential new membersand Deputy Regent Pakistan Prof. has ushered into the dawn of a newfor our association. Moving forward,NaumanKhanandSecretaryDr. eraineducation.SectionXVhaswe are exhilarated to welcome tre- Beenish for their tireless efforts.3 4 J OURNAL OF THEI NTERNATIONALC OLLEGE OFD ENTISTS'