b'SECTION REPORTSSection VIINDIA, SRI LANKA, NEPALThrough scientific programs and humanitarian collaborations, Section VI improves the oral health of its underdeveloped communities.Past PresidentsWe firmly believe that humankindgram was organized in Chandigarh Greetingshall overcome the global disasterbyRegistrarChugh.FellowsDr. R. P. Gupta of the pandemicsoon.SectionVIKanupriyaKakarandDr.Ashish hashadanambitiousagendaforKakarconductedadentalhealth 2021,andIampleasedthatourand diabetic HBA1C screening.ZonalRegents,DeputyRegents Section VI and IDA Chandigarh andEditorofthenewsletterhavecelebratedInternationalWomens doneexceptionallywellandhaveDay2020throughanawareness carriedoutnumerousactivities.IprograminearlyMarch.Thefo-thank the World Headquarters Of- cuswasonempoweringwomen fice for supporting ICD Section VIby increasing awareness about the throughout this year. importanceofmaternalandchild oral health, and removing myths. A Registrars Report self-defence training was imparted I have been privileged to serve asRajiv K. Chugh SectionbytheWomenProtectionCellof President of ICD Section VI dur- Despitethepandemic,Chandigarh Police to 250 women. ing the course of the pandem- VIhadaverybusyandfruitfulPresidentGuptaaddressedthe ic.Thoughwewereconstrained,year with numerous activities heldNational Summit on Tobacco con-through efforts and guidance of ouracross all the zones. trol held on World No Tobacco Day. MastersandFellows,challengesSpecial Olympics Bharat and Sec-werechangedintoopportunities.A live symposium was organizedtion VI had EKS Day celebrations. NumerousonlineCDEprogramsby Section VI in collaboration with were held, and Fellows of Sectionthe Indian Dental Association (IDA)OnWorld Food Day, Section VI VI were given guidelines on rationalH.O.ThepanelistswereSectiondonatedfooditemsandpersonal use of Personal Protective Equipe- President Dr. R. P. Gupta, Registrarhygienekitswithmedicinesto mtn(PPE)andspecialtyprecau- Dr.RajivK.Chugh,MastersDrs.about100patientsoftheCOVID tions to be taken while performingMahesh Verma and Anil Kohli, Dr.Care Centre. procedures.CommunityoutreachAshok Dhoble, Secretary of IDA Dr.SectionVIandIDAChandigarh programs, like Voluntary Blood Do-nation Camps, were conducted. WeK. Gauba, Ministry of Health IndiasuccessfullyorganizedaCOV-observed Global Food Day and In- Dr.Swasticharan,andMr.ManjitID-19webinarseriesinMayand ternational Womens Day on MarchSaluja (WHO). Over 2,000 personsJune of 2020. The seven webinars 8, 2021, by honoring women work- attended the session. wereheldwiththespecialefforts ingwithCOVID-19patients.WeofPresidentGuptaandDr.Arpit alsoobservedWorldHealthDayNorth Zone Gupta.Morethan2,000partici-and World No Tobacco Day on Maypants attended. Excellent feedback 31, 2021, to advocate no smoking. A continuing dental education pro- was given, and there was an over-16 J OURNAL OF THEI NTERNATIONALC OLLEGE OFD ENTISTS'