b'SECTION REPORTSSection XIVMYANMARICD Section XIV Myanmar remains resilient through COVID-19 and cultural challenges while continuing to service their communities.Presidents Greetingsuccessfully concluded on Jan. 4,Registrars Report Myo Thant 2020, at the Wyndham Grand Yan- Thin Naing Oogon Hotel in Yangon. During the in-duction, the Myanmar Section will- Last year was a ingly launched the ICD Centennialvery meaningful Year with its first ceremony of 2020.yearforSec-tionXIVMyan-marbecause Resiliency and the Future wesuccessfully The Myanmar Section has shownlaunchedthe acleardemonstrationofourICDCentennial strengthandremarkableendur- Yearwiththe first ICD Initiation Ceremony of 2020 ance throughout our long ICD his- in our Section on January 4th.Imyveryspecialhonortory. We have been demonstratingWe were privileged to have dis-privilegetoserveastheour resiliency to the world, and wetinguished guests ICD International tis andhaveearnedtherespectfromall PresidentofICDSectionXIVICD international Fellows. President Dr. Akira Senda, ICD In-Myanmarforthelastyear,2021,ternationalVicePresidentDr.Ho-of my term. Today, Section XIV isWelookforwardtocontinuedYoulChang,PresidentofSection approximately three years old sincecollaboration in areas of ICD con- XV Dato Dr. How Kim Chuan, Pres-theSectionreceiveditsstatusgresses,humanitarianactivities,identofMyanmarDentalCouncil back. Our Section has been highlyprofessional development and vol- Prof. Paing Soe, President of Myan-participating in educational activitiesunteerism. mar Dental Association Prof. Thein andhumanitarianactivitieswithKyu,andRectoroftheUniversity thecollaborationoftheMyanmarThenewgenerationsofdentalofDentalMedicine,Yangon,Prof. DentalCouncilandMyanmarprofessionals will be our future ICDShwe Toe attending the ceremony. DentalAssociation.WeareveryFellows, and we expect theirmean- Dr.SendapresentedtheICDFel-appreciative and very proud of ouringful participation in serving otherslowship Orientation program. Fellows who are working as dentaland improving the world. Our global volunteers during the pandemic incommunications will become moreEducation and ServiceCOVID-19ControlandTreatmentimportant as we listen and learn to Centers. serveourFellowsandourglobalICD Myanmar has been organizing communities, especially during theeducationalandhumanitarian The2020SectionXIVInduc- COVID-19 pandemic. I hope that,activitiesincollaborationwiththe tionCeremonywelcomed38newwith your active support, the futureMyanmarDentalAssociationand FellowsintotheCollegeandwasis definitely bright for the ICD.the Myanmar Dental Council under 3 2 J OURNAL OF THEI NTERNATIONALC OLLEGE OFD ENTISTS'