b'SECTION REPORTS(L)Section XV Council members held a productive meeting on Oct. 25, 2020. (R) Fellows in Bangladesh provided over 1,000 people with dental treatments during an outreach project.Editors Noteest concepts and updated researchSectionXVkeepsitsCouncil domains. membersandFellowsveryclose Nauman Khan together. Last year, a virtual mega SectionXVprovidedguidelineseventwasconductedthroughthe SectionXVisafamilyofmultipleof dental practices during the pan- Annual General Meeting of Section countriesworkingtogetherforthedemicthroughadetailedwebinarXV Council and Board of Regents greater tomorrow for generations towithfiveFellowspeakerssharingwebinaronOct.25,2020.Issues come. Section XV is approaching itstheirmethodsofprecautionandwere discussed, and each chairper-fourthbirthday,hascoveredmanypractice. The speakers were Presi- son presented a report. Resolutions milestones,andlikeallorganiza- dentofSouthasian Associationofwere approved by all Council mem-tions, could not resist the effects ofPediatricDentistryProf.Dr.Vir- bersforthebrighterfutureofthe COVID-19. The past year has beeninder Goe, Vice Chair of EducationSection. Section XV also witnessed aheavyone.Welostmanycol- CommitteeFDIProf.Dr.Williamasadbutpleasantchangewhen leagues.OnFeb.4,welostPastCheung, ICD Deputy Regent of Re- Dr. Cheung stepped down as Vice International President Bettie McK- gion 33 Prof. Dato. Dr. MohammadPresident and welcomed Dr. Malik.aig,avibrantleaderandagreatIbrahim AbuHossain,Principalof mentor. Additional Fellows also lostHBSMedical AndDentalCollege in the war against COVID, includingIslamabad and ICD Regent of Re-Drs. Sultan Zeb and Javed Ashraf,gion 33 Prof. Dr. Arshad Malik. The2021 OfficersamongotherFellows.Duetotheprogram was hosted by SecretaryPresident: Dato Kim Chuan Howpandemic, we cancelled academicGeneraloftheYouthCommitteeVice President: Arshad Mahmood Malikactivities and induction ceremoniesDr. Rawshan Nahir and was moder- Registrar: John Yu Kong Lingand the ICD Centennial ceremonyated by Deputy Regent of Bangla- Treasurer: Monica Dewi Rangganiin Japan was also canceled.deshDr.Md.ShakhawatHossainEditor: Nauman KhanHowever, we did not sit back andChoton. The webinar reached overAssistant Treasurer: Dominic Leungwastetime;ratherwedeveloped30,000 viewers. A second interna- Wing Hungourselves online through social me- tional dental conference was held diaandourwebsiteandreachedinUHSPakistanincollaborationContact Informationout to i=nnumerable dentists acrosswith Section XV. ICD Section XV Asiaandbeyond.AneducationalHumanitarianprojectsalsocon- 64 Jalan Telawi, Bangsar Barucommitteewasmade.Aweeklytinued in the Section by Drs. RudiKuala Lumpur 59100, MalaysiawebinarwasinitiatedwithmanyWigiantoofIndonesia,MahyunahTel: +60 3 22845529eminentspeakers,resultinginaDato Masud and Mas Suryalis Ah- Fax: +81 3-5982-7751positive response and large partici- madofMalaysia,andShakhawatinfoicdxv@gmail.compation numbers. Academic sectionsHossain Choton. Special thanks towww.icdxv.comaddressed topicsincluding the lat- Prof. Dr. Tammy for monitoring.Section XV FacebookTHE GLOBE2021No. 2 3 5'