b'THE COUNCILEstablishing global alliances increase collaboration between dental schools in different nationswhosegovernmentsdonothavestrongworking The College maintains working relationships with otherrelationships, in an effort to improve dental education overall. important international healthcare organizations. Our goalUnited Nations Office of Economic and Social Affairs is to collaborate in ways where we are well-positioned to play a meaningful role in advancing oral health care and(ECOSOC) The College Office has a formal application dental education globally. Below is an update of wherependingforConsultativeStatuswiththeNGO(Non-these relationships stand:Governmental Organizations) branch of the department. Before the years end, we expect to be in position to provide direct input to this division of the UN on oral health-related topics. Sections working together ICD ALIGNS goals with global health care groups 2020InternationalPresidentAkiraSendahascalled forimprovedcommunicationsbetweenICDSections FDIWorldwideDentalFederationICDhasbeenanaroundtheworld.TheSectionslistedbelowinAsia associate member for the last 10 years. We representhave exceeded all international goodwill expectations by our interests by sending a representative to their annualentering into formal agreements to collaborate on matters meeting,stayingincontactbymeansofdocumentsuch as humanitarian care projects, educational initiatives exchangeorotherpersonalcorrespondencebetweenandcombinedceremoniesfornewFellows.Wesalute officers of both groups.them and wish them well as together they embody the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) ICDmission:SectionVIIJapan,SectionXIKoreaand WehaveaformalMemorandumofUnderstandinginSection XII Chinese Taipei have signed an agreement of place that authorizes ICD to consider the CDC an officialSisterhood Affiliation, which features delegate exchange, partner within their global Antibiotics Awareness program.visiting speakers and complementary hosting during annual WeusetheirscienceastheunderpinningoftheICDmeetings; Section XV and Section XIII China have agreed GetSmartAboutAntibioticsprogramdevelopedandto a Memorandum of Understanding for joint Congresses coordinated by Fellows John Tullner, Christine Benoit andand ceremonies every other year, as well as education Sam Zwetchkenbaum.andhumanitarianinitiativesthroughoutthedesignated World Health Organization (WHO) The Fellows of SectionBeltandRoadnations;SectionXIVMyanmarand VEuropedevelopedandarefinanciallysupportingaSection XV have signed a Memorandum of Understanding health survey platform which WHO, the health programscovering joint ventures in professional development, joint arm of the United Nations, uses in its relative initiatives. Congresses and humanitarian volunteerism.World Economic Forum (WEF) ICD is invited each year to send representatives to an annual WEF meeting in NewCollege Office in transitionYork City during the United Nations General Assembly. Togetherwithotherhealthorganizations,ICDprovidesI retire from my position of Secretary General following inputtothegroupsongoingeffortstogetoralhealththe2020CentennialCelebrationinNagoya.Thenext included in the UNs political declarations in order to raiseSecretary General of the College will be appointed this the awareness of global oral health issues.year to allow for a smooth transition. The complexity of Alliance for Oral Health Across Borders (AOHAB) As anICD worldwide business affairs requires a productive office Associate Member of this organization, we have sent ICDleader and staff with proven abilities to efficiently organize representatives to their working sessions. The focus is toandachieveawide-rangingscopeofprioritiesforthe 8 J OURNAL OF THEI NTERNATIONALC OLLEGE OFD ENTISTS'